Federico Cina Men’s Wear Autumn Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at Milan Fashion Week Men’s

FEDERICO CINA is a brand founded in 2019 whose main ambition is to bring refined and elegant looks to the catwalk that describe the romantic essence of the history and culture of Romagna.

The first chapter in the history of FEDERICO CHINA begins in January 2019, when it debuts in the fashion show with the Autumn / Winter 2019 collection “Romagna Mia” in Altaroma and continues in July of the same year, with the victory of the “Who’s On Next?” presented by Vogue Italia and AltaRoma, with the Spring / Summer 2020 collection “I am in love with you”. In January 2020 he presents the Autumn / Winter 2020 Collection “I Bei Tempi” in Altaroma and, finally, for the first time he debuts at the Milan Fashion Week Digital with the “Bodies and Places” collection in July 2020.

Deep references to the young designer’s land of origin emerge within the collections: the history and culture of Romagna make the brand’s aesthetic unique, thanks to a continuous dialogue between generations of the past and generations of the present. The spirit of the brand is constantly enveloped in a nostalgic and sentimental atmosphere: a profound sensitivity aimed at enhancing the handcrafted aspect, reinterpreting the traditional male silhouette through a new concept of elegance.

The collection is structured by carrying out a study on real and daily life: a profound search for harmonic but real forms. The flared silhouette for the jackets also deeply underlines the perception of the fluidity and oversize of the trousers, creating a perfect union between tradition and modernity.

 The real and everyday is fundamental within the project: the sartorial jackets, characterized by a clean and harmonious aesthetic, follow a composition of soft lines, enriched by elements that lead the user back to the most intimate memories of the Romagna designer, such as the ‘grapes.

Craftsmanship also remains central within this collection: handmade knitwear and the introduction of jewelry and accessories, in particular the collaboration with two designers, Camilla Marchi, Italian, specialized in handmade bags and Alexandersson, Norwegian based in Italy, for shoes. With both designers, Federico created a connection between their DNA and the Romagna tradition.

All photos courtesy by Federico Cina

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