Miguel Vieira Men’s Wear Autumn Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at Milan Fashion Week Men’s

Visual identity is a universal language that defines and shapes our lives. What we wear reflects our essence, speaks for us, tells the world who we are before anything else. The story told by Miguel Vieira, in the Winter 2022 collection, is about people who have confidence in their appearance and see their garments as an extension of themselves, as something that is part of their DNA. These striking characters have the power to be themselves, escape stereotypes and wear what they want when they want. For them, classic can be modern because their attitude makes them irreverent and unique. They lead to the liberation of the social stigma that says we must dress according to a gender. It is important to discard the society imposed labels that limit us as individuals and start to see the gender fluidity as something natural and result of a free choice.

Miguel Vieira Winter Collections bring colors as medieval blue, winter green, coffee liqueur brown, cloud grey, caviar black, and truffle white. The collections Silhouette take contrast between slim and geometric silhouette and classic silhouette, pure and stylized lines, and structured tailoring which materials use are wool, cashmere, alpaca, fake sheep fur, lurex, and shirt fabrics.

All photos courtesy by Miguel Vieira

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