GmbH Men’s Wear Fall Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at Paris Fashion Week Men’s

The GmbH AUTUMN 2021 digital show is part of Reference Festival, Berlin and Paris Fashion Week. The film premiered on their respective platforms simultaneously.

The GmbH Autumn 2021 collection lends its title from Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Sci-fi epic from 1973. Originally created as a series for German television, it suggests that this entire world exists entirely inside another world, perhaps as a computer simulation.

The idea of our lives existing entirely as a simulation seemed like an apt analogy of our times. The AUTUMN 2021 collection was made in a desire to counter this anxious existence, and is intended as a hopeful suggestion.

“We started by building a men’s collection with silhouettes and techniques that refer to mid-century couture. We wanted to create clothes of dreams, rather than the mundane pragmatism of our every day lives. An escape from the banality of our realities. All the garments suggest a life anywhere, but inside our homes. Whether it means going to the opera or the club, hiking, skiiing, horse riding or cruising. You choose your adventure.”

All photos courtesy of GmbH

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