Kidsuper Fall Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Colm’s strength lies in his intuitive need to conceive. He uses KidSuper as a platform to express this innate creativity. From collaborations to commercial achievements, KidSuper’s successes have made him a reference in the New York streetwear scene. This innovative and instinctive interaction with followers has proven to be a disruptive and efficient model.  

Colm sold T-shirts in his high school cafeteria but went on to study mathematics at university. “For me, math is the essence of creativity; you can’t change the rules, but how can you think creatively to solve the problem?” 

Although KidSuper is best known as Colm’s clothing label, he prefers to brand all of his creative ventures under this moniker. KidSuper is a creative collective that designs and makes clothing; paints and does art shows; records music; and makes films and music videos, all out of Colm’s Brooklyn studio. 

Dillane firmly believes that enthusiasm is contagious, and that whatever you do giving it the utmost enthusiasm will lead to people’s heart. When you’re little you believe you can do anything and that everything is possible – you’re young and you’re free. The idea behind  KidSuper is to maintain that philosophy. 

All images courtesy of Kidsuper

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