Kolor Fall Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at Paris Fashion Week Men’s

In this season, the collection expresses ”the new form of minimalism” from kolor’s eye.

In the history of fashion, the minimal design had always been the approach of reducing extra designing elements to focus on the lines and shape instead. However, in this season of kolor, this minimalistic approach is taken into the new way – instead of excluding all these extra elements, kolor still plays with these elements alongside with bringing a new style of simplicity where complexity also coexists within. By this approach, combining different types of fabrics, clothes or elements, which has been identified as one of kolor’s signatures, can still be included but also be overall simple – by balancing the amount of ‘simple’ and ‘complex’ elements and the way of putting them, each piece and the overall collection both have a feeling of “new style of simplicity in the kolor’s way”.

The piece like simple crew-necked cardigan with a part of classical checked Jacket asymmetrically combined underneath it is constructed by parts of very basic garments. Also, using harmonious color-combination and balancing the amount of each piece – all these bring a feeling of simplicity as a whole and feeling of something familar. But unique gaps and the way of combining them together brings a new fresh essence and a touch of complexity.

Also, in this season, kolor uses a lot of classical colors – like brown, gray, navy, etc. In recent seasons, kolor’s collection contained a lot of oversized pieces, but for this season, the silhouette becomes more neat and smaller. Even though this collection still has some of complex pieces, but because of these features, overall collection somehow still gives a simple impression.

From SS19, kolor has been creating “break-and-then-reconstructed” sneakers. kolor introduces new version of this type of sneakers for this season. The sneakers in this season are constructed by four different types of sneakers with the details of remaking the needle holes on the top face. This complex piece adds an accent to the collection.

Moreover, this collection also has a sense of 70’s such as bootcut bottoms, retro colors knit. Also, some of approaches used in the past seasons are also revived in this season’s collection – kids sized outerwear is layered over the regular sized one (SS21), destroyed details (AW19), etc. In the end, this collection carries both senses of nostalgie and freshness.

kolor Autumn Winter 2021 collection is overall simple and somehow having a familiar feeling but can also feel the new kolor.

All image courtesy of Kolor

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