Christophe Josse Spring Summer 2021 Collection at Paris Fashion Week Couture


At the dawn of a day still unchanged, Christophe Josse invites us to wander along the byways of his imagination. Through a puzzle made of stolen images, he wafts us far from the gloomy oppression and constraints of these times to new shores vibrant with bountiful harmonies, and an ideal, dream-like other world.

In an elliptical collection glorified by the virtuosic “savoir-faire” of outstanding artisans, he presents variants on the lexical scope of his universe in seven opus. Here, he champions purity, contained fluidity and an impromptu mix of materials, makes play on their contrasts and, beneath a caressing line, traces a furrow – the perfect utterance of a speaking beauty.

The camera glides over diaphanous dresses, and clear correspondences are established. The Central European graphics of embroideries on a Romanian fringed blouse are echoed by the fiery glitter of star-scattered embroideries on a generous dress in sand rose gazar. Blown glass toggles with a soft bronze sheen on a dufflecoat with cord frogging respond to moiré glass cabochons embellishing goldsheathed rope sandals.

All images courtesy of Christophe Josse, Photographer Olivier Saillant

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