Chocheng Fall Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at New York Fashion Week

For his Fall/Winter 2021 collection, Designer Cho Cho Cheng transports us to the cheerful and inspirational tale of Mulan as choreographed in a 1980s Utopian style. A Peking Opera dripped in glamour and humour. A vibrant potpourri of fantasy, Disney and Fellini.

Set in monochromatic and geometric scenery in shades of green, models manifest into Peking Opera thespians donning vivid operatic makeup and coiffure. Rich artistic charms filled the air on this digital runway.

CHOCHENG presents a fresh collection saturated with bold, rich hues such as dragon red, regal purple and mandarin orange in addition to its signature black and white colorways. This season focuses on day-to-evening occasional wear that caters to women who fervently admire luxury craftsmanship and chic, simple glamour. Cotton lace with black glass beading adorn the lapels of a cotton tweed double breasted jacket. Regal purple lapels and trim update the dragon red jacket of a refined skirt suit. Expertly crafted cotton lace patterns are overlaid on flowing capes, silk blouses, and evening wear.


Parsons graduate CHOCHENG is known for his signature tailoring with fans including Nicole Kidman, Janet Jackson and the late Nancy Reagan who supported the label from its inception. A premium womenswear designer label launched in 2010, CHOCHENG operates direct to consumer through retail and e-commerce with a flagship store on Fifth Avenue, making him the first Asian designer to open in this location. Bringing a rich colour palette to soft tailoring following traditional Savile Row techniques, CHOCHENG is consistently inspired by classic films from around the world with each show telling the story of an impactful moment in time, transporting the audience to another era. Sustainability is at the heart of Cho’s business model. As a lifelong lover of the natural world, he has instilled thoughtful practices into his fashion line from the start. All fabrics are natural and carefully sourced from heritage suppliers in France, Italy and the UK making his choice of fabrics at once environmentally conscious and supportive to traditional craftsman methods. 

All images courtesy of Chocheng

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