Tadashi Shoji Fall Winter 2021 collection at New York Fashion Week

The past year has challenged Tadashi Shoji in ways He could never have imagined. No one has escaped unaffected. He yearn for security. He are forced to summon our strength every day. This season, He wanted to design pieces that inspire a sense of protection, a collection that reflects our strength—a strength so palpable you could rap your knuckles on it, and it would sound like steel. He carry our strength with his team. So why not showcase it? Make it sexy. Make it sparkle. Celebrate it!

For Fall/Winter 2021, you’ll find armor-inspired details accented with silken fringe, embellished necklines that curl up around the neck, head-to-toe metallic bouclé looks, and high-texture jacquard dresses with structured sleeves and hems, which stand away from the body.

There is no telling what the future holds, no crystal ball from which to scry. But hope, like a banner flying bright, defeats uncertainty. Yes, dark clouds forebode a storm, but what if those clouds were lined with burnished bronze and glittering silver? Tragedy has created heartbreaking wreckage, leaving splintered debris in its wake. But hope, like the rising sun, lights up the dark horizon with a fiery, phoenix sky.

Fashion doesn’t heal the world just as a dress cannot fix what’s wrong, but maybe, it can embolden you, who wears it. Never underestimate your strength because, in strength, there is beauty. Make it extremely yours. Wear it like armor.

All images courtesy of Tadashi Shoji

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