Maison Atia Fall Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at New York Fashion Week

Maison Atia, the conscientious luxury faux fur brand founded by Chloe Mendel, daughter of designer Gilles Mendel, and Gustave Maisonrouge, presented its fully sustainable Autumn/Winter 2021 designs virtually. The inspiration for the collection is an homage to Yves Saint Laurent’s 1965-1970 Mondrianesque works and his iconic 70s patchwork dresses.

“While I have been inspired for years by Charlotte Rampling and her cool effortless style, another icon was also front and center in my mind as I designed this collection, Jean Shrimpton, the supermodel known as The Shrimp, whose freshness came to embody the 1960s Swinging London,” says Chloe Mendel, Co-Founder and Creative Director. “The spirit of the collection was to capture the essence of one of my favorite designers, Yves Saint Laurent, in the height of his work during 1965- 1970 which includes the famous Mondrian inspired works and his iconic 70s maxi patchwork dresses and skirts, which translates into bold creations, using geometrical lines with a fresh mix of color and faux furs,” she continues.

Maison Atia has been socially responsible since Day One, turning excess fabric into chic accessories, and working with FabScrap to recycle any leftovers. Last fall, Maison Atia launched its first fully sustainable MA line using Koba fabric that is 100% made from plants and recycled water bottles. “This year, Chloe’s creativity has allowed us to fully embrace our innate commitment to conscientious fashion and sustainability,” explains Gustave Maisonrouge, Co-Founder and President. “Her daring designs have allowed us to not only become fully sustainable this fall 2021, using either Koba fabric or upcycling our inventory fabric, but also to highlight one of our key differentiators, the inimitable craftmanship and savoir-faire through this patchwork collection, using century old techniques with a modern eye.”

The company will continue with the three lines it unveiled last year: the vibrant and accessible MA by Maison Atia, which incorporates the same fully sustainable Koba fabric as its Fall 2020 debut; its core signature Classics, crafted by small family-owned ateliers; and Pink Label, our handmade creations limited to one unique piece per design, a true “Haute Faux Fur!”

Maison Atia uses traditional fur ateliers and techniques to create carefully crafted and timeless pieces that push the boundaries of faux fur. Combining a modern aesthetic and sensibility with fivegenerations of fur heritage craftsmanship, Maison Atia is reinventing and elevating the faux fur market, offering a conscientious and luxurious alternative to fur coats and accessories.

All images courtesy of Maison Atia

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