Seveskig Autumn Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo

Longing of the Usual

Our ordinary life is not the norm anymore. The hope and will of returning things to the norm little by little, becomes our new longing for the usual. The basic theme expresses the way humans and animals should be and how they interact with nature. The story tells about the mannequins tired of COVID-19 escaping from the city to relax and enjoy the nature encountering various animals. After a while, the mannequins returns to their original place bringing back their fresh experience. The animals that appear in the graphics resembles the production style of SEVESKIG producing leather products in its unique way.

Designer Profile

After graduating Tokyo MODE GAKUEN College of Fashion & Design in 2002, Takanori Nagano started working for major apparel productions and domestic brands in Japan. His true passion & dedication towards fashion continued and his long-awaited fashion brand SEVESKIG was launched in 2012, first debut from A/W Collection. In 2018, Takanori has proudly won the TOKYO NEW DESIGNER FASHION GRAND PRIX (Professional Category) and became an official business supported designer. After 8 years of releasing continuous collections and various collaborations, Takanori has established his own company NOA inc. to seek & challenge his unveiled potential.

All images courtesy of Seveskig

model : SHIN(numbereight) model : lazima(AMAZONE) model : 林久貴 (tomorrow) model : 大西葉月 (image) model : lorailos ; videographer: 横堀光範 ; photo : keisuke tsujimoto ; stylist : go momose ; hair : ナガノアキラ ; make up : MIE(mondoartist) ; movie : takahito mizuno ; music : ken-ken(RIZE)

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