Gioia Pan Autumn Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo

GIOIA PAN 2021 Autumn/Winter Collections – Interfusion

Gioia PAN Yiliang is among the very few global designers that specialize in knitting fashion. With knitting techniques as common threads, GIOIA PAN collections emphasize both textures and designs. Her originality interfuses elegant, retro, romantic, and classy styles. Gioia has the expertise to depict simple and clean outlines of perfect contours with the pendulous and elastic characteristics of knitting. 

With her substantial faculty of original knitting designs, Gioia derives inspirations from various aspects in life, and never ceases to arouse spanking new waves of creativity.  Gioia’s exquisite knitting and weaving virtuosity explores the charm of fashion.  Driven by her passionate pursuit for the knitting artistry, Gioia unrelentingly kindles fresh fashion sparks, and enjoys the fame as the Knitting Queen.

The foundation of her unique techniques and aesthetics was developed during the rigorous training at Japan’s Culture & Fashion Institute and the graduate study at Taiwan’s Fu Jen University.  In 2014, she attended the China Fashion Week and won the Oscar of the fashion design in China – the Golden Top Award.  She was invited to showcase her collections during the New York Fashion Week in 2016.

All images courtesy of Gioia Pan

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