Yuki Hashimoto Autumn Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at London Fashion Week

YUKI HASHIMOTO is founded in Japan in 2018 with the debut collection of 2019 SPRING/SUMMER “BAD DAY CAMP” collection.Brand concept is “NEW ORDER” . The collection has been made with a combination of roots that clothing has as history and designing vision of modernity. Yuki is challenging to tell a story behind clothing such as functional detail and historical background through the study of culture and history. Yuki graduated from Antwerp Royal Academy of fine arts with master program in 2017. While he was at the school, he accumulated experience at fashion maisons in Paris and Antwerp.

YUKI HASHIMOTO AW 2021 season is a collection that inspired by the era of mid-centry.

The mid-century modern style movement, which took place in the 1940s to early 1960s, it influenced on many things so that there are many masterpieces had produced and they are still “modern design” as of now. The style freely incorporating the latest constructing techniques while retaining the spirit of traditional handcrafts has influenced a variety of current contemporary designs and arts.

We believe that the functional beauty and design process of the style is common to fashion. Based on this idea, this collection aims to explore and harmonize various elements, such as using bold combinations of different materials, constructively deformed parts, and also color palettes and fabrics reminiscent of historical backgrounds.

As an example from this collection, the Canadian coats are based on work clothes, also known as carpenter coats, and they are made out of fine wool with contemporary details and mood.

As for the textile of the room wear style setup, we referred to python pattern that has weathered overtime and associated with this season’s themes, such as vintage, rust, dry texture, cracks, and woods.

We also create shirts and cardigans with rearrangeable buttons. By changing the position of buttons, it creates a space in clothes, creating slits and difference in length, and suggests the range of stylings.

This current Pandemic situation which has happened since last year, it gives us an opportunity to look again our lifestyle which it should be. This opportunity also gives us an inspiration for this 21AW collection and we create the collection based on what we think the Fashion needs to move forward. We hope you like the collection.

All images courtesy of Yuki Hashimoto

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