Revenant RVNT Fall Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at Milan Fashion Week

The global pandemic requires a deep reflection on the positioning of each brand: Revenant rv nt begins 2021 with the awareness of having ridden the year just ended and having also obtained positive results from the summer collection, entering very prestigious doors on the international scene – who have joined the brand’s list of authoritative customers – and collaborating with cult television programs such as XFactor Italy and Amici di Maria de Filippi.

With the Fall Winter 2021-22 collection, designed in the months that saw the world population still suffer the restrictive measures imposed due to the situation caused by Covid-19, Revenant rv nt intends to emphasize its “unchained” message which means “without chains , unleashed ”, this time presented in a reloaded version.

Best seller of the previous season, the Flower chain artwork, draws inspiration from the typical Hawaiian flower necklace, interpreted with Lily or Giglio flowers (moreover symbols of Florence where the company is located and the designer lives) twisted around a chain closed by a padlock. Is used in the Pacific islands as a symbol of welcome and good wishes for those arriving or returning – the pun is fitting, one of the meanings of Revenant is precisely “the one who returns or returns to new life” – for Revenant rvnt is its own manifesto in support of freedoms and a desired rebirth.

The chains that we have tightened around the neck lose their effectiveness in front of the beauty of the flowers that surround them, overriding constriction with the force of life, transforming oppression into free spirit. The Flower chain is offered in 4 multicolor and 5 monocolor variants, the first distinguished by the color of the chain, inspired by 4 materials (iron, brass, bronze and lead) and by different shades of flowers, the latter by a chromatic range inspired to primary colors, all proposed vertically on T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts and jogger.

To complete the collection there is also a proposal of T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies with a macro logo printed in relief on the front and positioned very high on the chest, proposed still taking as a reference the primary colors, in the red and green variants, in addition to the classic black & white.

The now iconic total black polyester mask covers become 5, having met the appreciation of various celebrities from the music world, including Achille Lauro, Mamhood, Fred de Palma, Irama, Boss Doms, Petite Meller. From the one inspired by the dark world, which exhibits real piercings applied directly on the fabric, to the inevitable Flower Chain in the Gold, Gunmetal and Black & White variants, ending with the logo version printed in white.

The sporty collection is targeted for whom T-shirts and sweaters are a uniform worn from day to night regardless of location. The line comprises black and white short-sleeved T-shirts, sweaters, jogging bottoms and, summer must-have, basketball shorts, which are all black to draw full attention to the provocative prints. Copious volumes and “bad fits” are embellished with a variety of printing techniques, where transfers reigns supreme, giving a taste of the glorious trends of the 90’s, the years the designer grew up and when fashion was imprinted on him. The collection is entirely produced in Italy, created in collaboration with the best suppliers in the industry. The materials are 100% cotton, both the jersey and the twill sweat fabric that looks like knitwear.

Revenant rvnt is present from the first season in the best boutiques, not only on the European map, but also in Asia, Russia and even in Africa, with sales points in Lebanon, Nigeria and Egypt. To mention some of the main customers, La Rinascente in Italy, Harvey Nichols Hong Kong, Raimbow Concept in Macau and Elite Stores in Spain, are the top clients of a list of selected and high-level customers. “Revenant rvnt people are someone who love cultures and sub-cultures, who are able to mix and match a variety of different styles. International late-night soul, their hearts beat at 130BPM. They like fashion but it doesn’t take over their life. Ironic, not iconic” concludes – Tommaso Bencistà Falorni, Co-Founder & Designer, Revenant rvnt.

All images courtesy of Revenant rvnt

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