DI PETSA Fall Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at Paris Fashion Week

For DI PETSA’s latest AW21 collection, titled “I am my own Mother” the brand delivers a poignant reflection on the Wetness theory, with a collection that is inspired by the devotion of Self-Mothering, to love one-self unconditionally, embracing the strength that comes with self-acceptance of our Bodily Fluids, Water filtered through our bodies, Bodily Water. Holy Water, Sea Water.

There is a sense of homecoming, after last season’s collection centered on ecstatic birth, we now look to a transformative future, harnessing the power of self-love for unashamed self-expression, strengthening the connection to our physical and immaterial self, the water. This comes full circle, at a time when DI PETSA is returning to Paris after a performance at La Paix in 2018 for the Wetness collection, but this time for the brand’s AW21 debut on the official Paris fashion Week schedule.

Focusing on slow fashion traditions of dress making and craftsmanship, the collection features the brands signature Wetlook technique, intricately draped and entirely hand sewn, mesh fabric lay bare against the skin (as if wet), hugging the natural curvature of the physique, reminiscent of a modern priestess. Symbolic of our Maternal Waters, we see two statement white Wetlook dresses, crafted for the Mother / Daughter archetype representing a strength in vulnerability. All forms of love exist within you, Maternal Love; Sexual Love, Platonic Love, Friendship Love; the love we have for each other can be mirrored in ourselves.

The Wetlook is further elevated this season being explored in black and royal navy colourways and luxurious draped silk and velvet fabrics. Fabric choices were a tactile research into materials that make you feel safe, indulgent, with a softness nurturing the body. As models bathe in the haze of sage, hypnotic in dance, caressing, twisting, self-hugging to the lulled siren call of nymph-like vocals (soundscape created by brand collaborator Violette Wilson/ Vis4Vanty) there is powerful energy brewing, a protection spell being cast. This sense of self-protection, is underlying throughout the collection with new knitwear pieces featuring the “All seeing eye” print, and hand carved gold and silver Jewellery, inspired by ancient Greek, early Christian protective talismans named Tamata, adorned with healing crystals Amethyst, Angel Quartz and Lapis Lazuli. This season DI PETSA worked with The Lyceum Club of Greek Women, founded in 1911, who specialize in traditional Grecian embroidery and lace making crafts that trace back to the Byzantine era, that are declining crafts, and a part of history and dress making we aim to preserve and celebrate though our collections. For AW21 we have created a new embroidery design, for the “Gorgona” gold silk dress, that features a protection embroidery style that would traditionally be sewn onto aprons, protecting the wearer from evil spirits.

Maternity wear is modernized and engineered throughout the collection, with a continuation of the breastfeeding corset and tops, and a new trench coat design that has adjustable panels for ease of breastfeeding mother’s in public. Sustainable textile innovation is applied to outerwear in our “Mother Coat” which uses discarded cotton off cuts as both padding and design – reminiscent of the amniotic sack.

Alongside the collection and film, DI PETSA is launching a new “Self-Mothering” online workshop series, exploring the themes of self-love, self-healing and wet self-indulgence looking at movement, ritual practice and poetry offerings to develop a deeper connectivity to one-self and our relationship to our Bodily Waters. The Silver and Golden Prayer embroidered looks from the collection take the form of the Sun and the Moon, inspired by a performance ritual.

All images courtesy of DI PETSA

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