Sadaels Fall Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at Paris Fashion Week

SADAELS presents its autumn winter 2021/22 collection on the official Paris Fashion Week calendar with a short film directed by Hernan Corera and produced by Mama Hungara called “Paraiso”. This multidisciplinary collaboration, the second between Corera and Sadaels, seeks to reinforce the concept of Creole surrealism, already present in the previous film “A true love”. The film is characterized by a debt to Latin American magical realism and a rarefied aesthetic based on Argentinian eclecticism.

The short film tells a rural fable in which two women’s teams compete for the victory of a bocce ball game inside a chapel. Assisted by magical avatars they seek to twist their fortunes until a mysterious chant breaks the definition of the match. Guided by the voice, players and spectators leave the game to attend a bucolic scene of singing and lute between Virginia Correa Dupuy and Vida Spinetta interpreting “En que nos parecemos” (Spanish folk song popularized by Maria Elena Walsh in 1958). The short also has the presence of Fabian Serna (Malambo Champion in Laborde 2020).

“Paraiso” was filmed and produced in the tourist town of Pardo, obtaining the support and cultural interest of the municipality of the Las Flores Party, Province of Buenos Aires.

The AW collection called “syncretic” is based on the concept of the double antagonistic cultural heritage, both Belgian and Argentine, of the brand that collide and define it, becoming its differential. This tension aims to deconstruct, rethink and give value to our roots. We want to highlight and enrich the Argentine traditions, materials and typical garments of the gaucho and Pampean culture, but with a satirical spirit, not solemn or traditional, urban and youthful that comes from nothing less than the academy of Antwerp. We believe that Argentina is much more than a caricature of a gaucho and a horse, we have multiple layers of amazing and hybrid influences that go far back, from ancestral cultures to Italian and Spanish immigrant influences that make our culture rich and eclectic. It is a pixelated horse, we realized that the chakana (cross of the Andes that was inherited by the gauchos in its ornamental motifs of weaving and textiles) really looks like the pixel. Tailor rigidity comes from the Belgian school, we believe that women do not need to wear flowery dresses to be feminine or sensual. In reality, we feel that a lot of our clothing is genderless and that men could wear it too.

The use of leather is central to this collection in counterpoint to the use of latex and vinyl materials. The leather was worked in unconventional ways: macramé braided into accessories or pieces that are found between clothing and leather goods. These accessories called “sadaels” (a play on words between society anomie Daels and in with the concept of saddle (SADDLE in English) are based on a reflection on female clothing and the absence, from construction, of the ability to wear without the need for an extra bag or accessory. In addition to leather, the novelties are presented in neoprene, cotton poplins and Italian silks. The color palette ranges from black pink white, beige, pink, black and red.

SADAELS is a Belgian-Argentine women’s clothing brand that puts in tension the antagonistic cultural heritage of its creator Juan Hernandez Daels. The designer studied at the prestigious Royal Academy of Antwerp and Central Saint Martins, working for the Sheikha of Qatar before returning to Buenos Aires where he was recognized as one of the most prominent designers of his country by the press by reaching the cover of Vogue and dressing celebrities such as Rihanna, Juliana Awada, Sofia Sanchez of Betak or Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. Since 2017 the brand has been based in Paris as a French house, working with the Federation of the Haute Couture Trade Union Chamber and DEFI that carry out the Sphere initiative, incubator and showroom for emerging brands in the French industry that included SADAELS amongst the designers they accompanied. This season the brand begins to be marketed in a showroom in Shanghai at Shanghai Fashion week.

All images courtesy of Sadaels Photographer Joe Ekonen, Milos Nasios, Valentina Luppino

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