WOS Brand Fall Winter 2021 – 2022 collection at Paris Fashion Week

In the WOS Fall-Winter 21/22 collection, designer Andrey Artyomov continues to explore his own roots and the theme of the Motherland in general. Bright elements in the collection alternate with calm and laconic ones, reminding us of the spectrum of emotions we’ve all experienced during the past year.

In this new season, Andrey uses the heraldic symbol of his hometown Ufa – the Kurai flower – exploring it as a graphic imprint running through the entire collection but also as a kaleidoscopic photo collage.

Transparent materials bring us a feeling of a vivid nightlife and raves, which seem to have vanished somewhere in the distant past. Other pieces made of elastic, bright gradient shimmery fabric are in the same vein but are also an homage to ice skating costumes – one of the strongest Russian symbols.

Ethnographically precise details of national costumes are deconstructed and reworked beyond recognition: a knitted hat-scarf vaguely resembles the Bashkir traditional Kashtau headdress; another hat is embellished with “coins” – a precious decorative element in many cultures. The armholes of tops and dresses follow the shape of monisto, and the drape on satin fabric have something in common with the flounces on folk dresses and skirts.

All these sentimental details create a canvas of images and become holistic against the untouched snow of the nature surrounding the Peredelkino House of Creativity where the collection was shot. A unique place for world literature where outstanding Russian writers of the 20th century – Pasternak, Akhmatova, Arseny Tarkovsky, to name but a few — used to live and work. Another reminder of how important it is to recognize and appreciate your heritage .

“For the photoshoot location it was really important for me to explore the topic of loneliness we experienced this year. There is cold ice, snow, Russian winter, girl alone, but there is also a sense of freedom, ability to breathe, those are mixed feelings I hope everyone can experience and relate to from our video” – Andrey Artyomov

All images courtesy of WOS Brand

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