MARKGONG Spring Summer 2021 collection at Shanghai Fashion Week

2020 was a reflective year for all, one that Mark Gong chose to tough out in New York and observe how the city was jolted out of its comfort zone.

In Mark’s eyes, New York is undeniably a woman. How did she counter a force greater than herself?

While being tough on the outside, she is loving, supportive and full of solidarity on the inside. Recognizing the potential danger of alonenesswith too thick a skin, she softened up to her surroundings and revisited her relationship to people and nature. She emerged confidently balanced.

In a palette of soft colors combined with textured fabrics (denim and leather) and solid tailoring, the MARKGONG Spring/Summer 2021 Collection balancestender inner emotions within a substantial (but not impenetrable) shell.

Brand bio


With love and empathy, and protected by a more carefully balanced SHELL, SHE’LL rise again.

MARKGONG’s collections tell intricate stories. On his singular path, Mark’s designs instinctively play a perfectly executed balancing act between creating beauty and commercializingbeauty.

Creatives have always used nature’s beauty as a core reference. While the industry at large has been questioning its impact on nature, nature’s own impact on fashion is harder to define. As our relationship to nature evolves, will itimpact how we curate and bring collections to market?

MARKGONG’sretort is collections that explore the impact nature can, and should have, on fashion, women, and the commercialization of their relationship. Theseintricate stories alwayspromote a confidently balanced woman, ever showing Mark’s love for (her) nature.

Designer bio

Mark Gong

Mark Gong was born in China and grew up inan urban setting. He moved to the US as a teenager to study atthe rural Midland School in Los Olivos, in California, before making his way to New York City to learn Fashion Design at Parsons. He launched his eponymous label MARKGONG in 2018.

Gong’s teens, a time of transition and self-discovery, was an immersive experience secluded in nature with no access to technology. This jolt, while unfamiliar at first, proved to be invaluable. It drove him to crave and dream about the fashion world that seemed so far removed and inaccessible.

Mark’s polarized life experiences gave him his unique take on balance. One he has leveraged to the full as he gained knowledge and maturity as a designer. A Balance he now applies to his life, how he conducts business and how he creates.

All images courtesy of Mark Gong

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