Revenant RVNT Spring Summer 2022 at Milan Fashion Week Men’s

There is no doubt that we are finally getting our lives back to normal and, even though gradually, we are getting back to the sociality we have been missing for so long. The desire to meet, be together and revive relationships – without making a secret of the more intimate sense of the word – is clearly stated in this collection even starting from the choice of its name. In fact, far from denying its light-hearted soul, with Hero-tic by Chance Revenant rvnt proposes a double play on words, presenting a contemporary hero who is casual in his appearance yet unintentionally erotic in his attitude.

The Spring-Summer 2022 collection treasures the success of the Flower Chain artwork, which is now presented in brand new sober-tone and fluorescent variants, in addition to its evolved version, the Snake Chain, with sinuous snakes similarly twisted around the padlock chain, worn as a necklace. And it’s precisely from the compromising meaning of the flower andsnake symbol that the brand has drawn inspiration for this season’s borderlinecommunication campaign.
The collection also features iconic carryovers like Poser and Confashion, present from the very beginning, led by a new graphic design project based on the reinterpretation of works of art, with depictions of David’s Napoleon in black & white and heavy metal versions. The iconic piercings seen on the face masks now appear also on a range of apparel: vertically on T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts and pants, as well as in other graphic elaborations.

There’s less black in the color scheme of cotton garments, in favor of optical white and mélange gray. Tees and sweatshirts are loose fit, while trousers – in the regular and Bermuda short versions –  wink at both formal wear and military style. Polo shirts come in the piercing version and in the Flower and Snake Chain mignon variants, to mimic necklaces worn under the collar. All 100% rigorously Made in Italy.

 Revenant rvnt’s journey is all but complete as its pieces start landing in prestigious boutiques around the world and, for the latest season, with the privilege of adding to its customer list department stores of the likes of Simons in Canada, Harvey Nichols in Qatar and Beymen in Turkey. Placements and collaborations with various influencers and famous artists from the world of music still continue, in addition to television programs such as X-Factor and Amici.

all images courtesy of Revenant RVNT

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