Gall Spring Summer 2022 at Milan Fashion Week Men’s

Nerve ss22

For SS22 Justin Gall represents the strife, the hassle, the focus, and the drive that moves people with dedication and intensity.

The collection is called Nerve, as to symbolize the nerve needed to push forward and give oneself even a slight percentage of a chance to succeed — as nothing is guaranteed. You do anyways, as doing nothing would leave one feeling regretful, misunderstood, incomplete. You do anyways as to not become subject to subjugation. Tapping into a strength to be found only from within, a pyre energy, the boiling core of your being, like the center of the earth.

The main color of the collection is in fact a rust red, which bleeds into a gravel grey and eventually into a varying black slate. You’ll also find hints of ivory, ice grey and wounded green.

Within the collection you will find brand new pieces and evolutions of archetypal GALL items, new in house dying technics graced by sea salt keeping experimentation high. Hand painted and rolled items. A brand new evolution of portability for all jackets and outwear, where retractable straps come out of a hidden neck zipper, which can be drawn out and secured by a pair of snaps when the wearer chooses. There a brand new polo and button-up section, as to offer a twist on a most classical menswear pieces.

Pieces included are: Long length parkas, bombers, blazer vests, knee-length parkas, pullover jackets with midsection expansion, adjustable and modular trousers, modular jackets, iconic recoil pants, blazers, multi pocket shorts and more.

Fabrics include: Recycled cotton/nylons, light poplins, meshes and silk, textured forged nylon, embossed cotton stretch, laser etched cotton and more.


 Justin Gall is an American designer, graphic artist and experimental creative who’s invariably dedicated to creating for the eventual— A place which has become the neo-artisanal world of GALL. Where survival, adaptiveness and oddity are the common-ground protagonists. This is where he merges his modular design aesthetic with abstract artworks, endless fabric research and in-house dying trials; morphing everyday humans into enigmatic beasts ready to take on the unknown.

All images courtesy of GALL

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