Tokyo James Spring Summer 2022 at Milan Fashion Week Men’s

The Tokyo James Spring Summer 2022 collection entitled ‘OSU’ ( ‘The Outcast’) — a group of pariahs among the Igbo people of eastern Nigeria. The Osu are outcasts, individuals shunned by society, banished from communal land and sidelined from all aspects of social interactions with society. The caste system is an ancient practice in Igboland that discourages society from integrating and interacting with such individuals labeled as this.

This season the brands creative director Iniye Tokyo James takes a retrospective look into the world of the outcast, it’s societal impact and the effect it has on ones mental health.

To be an Osu is to be different (either by choice or something inherent) and with that difference lies a boldness paved from struggle and a road to discovering ones true self. 

After a long period of addressing the idea of intersections and the coming together of two worlds, this collection strips away its walls and takes on a more softer, vulnerable and conscious approach with the use of delicate fabrics such as lace and chiffon. This collection also features no leather pieces, which has always been a staple material of the brand.

Exhibiting a mixture of neutral and vivid tones, the brand continues its exploration of adjusting the concept of the conventional suit and taking on a modern approach by adding ruching and updated silhouettes. Showcasing the ‘ATA RODO’ bags in numerous sizes and shades of pastel colours, the Spring Summer 2022 Collection communicates a new parallel for the brand with a concise, yet extensive offering of revised classics cut with a sultry edge softened by romantic and dreamlike overtones.

Taking inspiration from his own experience of feeling like an outcast from a young age and the common feeling of rejection and mental anguish that so many experience, this collection was created as a tribute to all outcasts out there and put together with you solely in mind.

All images courtesy of Tokyo James

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