COOL TM Spring Summer 2022 at Paris Men’s Fashion Week

A gang of cool kids from L.A. is ambling down the streets.

Their look is a mix of something bourgeois with a deconstructed feel. Jackets, pants, shirts, sweaters—all are slightly oversized, a little awkward and kitsch, totally mismatched and unfitted. They are happy, a bit arrogant and provocative, some might say they are even reckless and sassy. They feel beautiful and strong because of their weakness. Something about them is unique, they are proud of their failures, their differences, they have no fears. Undoubtedly free—free to live, free to laugh. They bring back to life what has been vanished. Their kindness is a poem. At times they may struggle with melancholia, feel abandoned to their past, but no matter what occurs, they enjoy the moment. They embody a modern bohemian spirit as they live for the love they give and get in return. Liberty will serve them forever as a guide.

This season, they feel especially free to be wild. Immersed into the late 60s, early 70s, rushing to music festivals. They have no limits. Savages at core. Their looks reflect the way they live.

Right on the edge of everything. Only the tension can keep them straight.

How love is cool.


COOL TM is a French fashion brand for men and women launched in 2020 by designer Thomas Monet.

Merging rebellion and romance, punk and bohemia, vintage and avant-garde, COOL TM’s message is modern, subversive, and yet universal. Blurring gender lines and staunchly promoting diversity the brand holds up a mirror to a society undergoing major changes.

All images courtesy of COOL TM

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