Solid Homme Spring Summer 2022 at Milan Fashion Week Men’s

Surreal Holiday

Solid Homme for the Spring Summer 2022 season explores the post-Covid need for Solace and light through a dreamlike Surrealist resort setting in a Milan Digital Fashion Week video by French duo Suzieand Leo.

Benearth a blazing artificial sun pulsing  with cold flashes or blue strobe lighting, a wave of models washes over a man-made beasch of white sand dotted with sunbathing tourists. Moving in a pack, their graphic leisurewear exudes easy, sensual, summery vibes.

Boxy shapes are crisp and relaxed, with seim truck-style shorts, casual pants and shirts layered together. stiff, robust bleached and combre denim jackets and jeans are tempered by summer stripes, soft terrycloth jerseys and t-shirts with Dream Pool Club logos, while a comforting breeze walts through street-style tops in airy fishnet and mesh fabrics, worn with matching shorts and pants.

Oversized outerwear pieces sport reversible and trompe l’oeil contructions, as in a leather blou-son jacket masquerading as denim or a  spearmint double-sleeve shirt. the setting’s artificial-meet-natural mood echoes in the materials: denim and shirting mix rayon, cool cottons and light technical facbrics in sandy and sun bleached hues with a distressed effect, while woven symethetic artfully mimic worn cloths.

Mineral shades evoking a sun-drenched beach are refreshed with smoothing pastel tones in deep sherbet and pool-tile colors. Large bomber jackets and parkas are cut in lighter facbrics and mesh tops and pants feature watered down, army-green comouflage motifs made using tie-dye techniques, like and urban landscape morphing into beach mode.

Graphic watery distortions evoking sunlight hitting the sea adorn black and white windbreakers and fishnet pieces cut from a net fabric bonded on a contrasting layer to create an optical ilusion of rippling water, an effect also used to distort the house crest on baseball caps.

perceptions blur between real and artificial, indoor and outdoor, and work and holiday, as if everyday life were transplanted onto an otherworldly Moon Beach.

Creative Director Woo Young Mi

All images courtesy of Solid Homme

Art Director and Direction Suzie & Leo, Stylist Julian Ganio, Choreographer Jordan Robson, Poduction Cinq Etoiles Productions, Casting Piergiorgio Del Moro @DM casting, Street Casting Marie Levy, Hair Matt Mulhall, Make up Patrick Glatthaar, Music Whitearmor & Gud – Frutta E Verdura

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