Mr Saturday Spring Summer 2022 at Paris Men’s Fashion Week

“Lonesome No More!”

Creative Direction: Joey Gollish

Toronto-based brand Mr. Saturday presented its Spring/Summer 2022 collection titled “Lonesome No More!” on June 22nd, 2021, debuting for the first time on the Paris Fashion Week Men’s schedule as part of the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode’s official Paris Fashion Week. For Spring/Summer 2022, Mr. Saturday Founder and Creative Director Joey Gollish returned to exploring themes of ephemera, something that’s become central to the brand, and storytelling around 80’s club culture and the people, music, places, events, and society that shaped it. A love letter to club life, “Lonesome No More!” is a collection of 27 memorable looks that celebrates a return to partying, and the feelings of freedom, inclusivity, and levity that come with it, drawing a distinct parallel between the past and the present we’re in today in 2021. 

A key event that Gollish focuses on this season is the Paris Youth Riots of 1986 — a period of mass demonstrations in France protesting strict university reforms, immigration restrictions, and police brutality. This is seen in the recurring lemon graphic throughout the collection — a reference to the lemons that were used by protestors during the riots to neutralize tear gas. 

This is juxtaposed with the Second Summer of Love, which was happening concurrently and marked the rise of acid house/electronic dance music, the infamous Hacienda nightclub, and the rave scene in the UK. This is where Gollish introduces a modern, elevated take on classic “rave fashion,” including a cut-out overall dungaree, an oversized leather blazer paired with shorts, mesh layering tops, silk button down shirt and pant sets in various custom prints, new explorations in vintage-inspired premium denim, and a wide leg workwear pant treated with a subtractive-dye process (Mr. Saturday’s innovative new dye technique that riffs off of traditional tie-dye). Gollish also worked with Peter J. Walsh — the renowned photographer who captured the early UK rave scene — and incorporated his photographs in layered graphic prints and patchwork applications to highlight the collection’s historical references. 

Building on Mr. Saturday’s signature circular branding, the collection also contextualizes circle design in a 80’s inspired design direction. A play on Mr. Saturday’s logo, which features 7 circles for each day of the week, the circular designs are seen throughout the collection — from rounded garment silhouettes and cut outs to custom polka dot prints and graphic applications. Mr. Saturday’s circular designs are also seen in the brand’s CLARA handbag, which is introduced in new sizes this season as the brand continues to expand its accessories offerings. Mr. Saturday released new footwear this season as well, again in partnership with Sanders, for a creeper-style loafer with the words “GOOD LUCK” embossed in gold on the toe box — a carryover reference from last season’s FEAR CITY pieces that explored the cultural conflicts of New York City in the 1970s. In addition, Mr. Saturday partnered with Clarks footwear to highlight their timeless classics in an updated modern context.

All images courtesy of Mr. Saturday

(Photography: James Law)

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