Andrea Crews Spring Summer 2022 at Paris Men’s Fashion Week


Andrea Crews turns 18 in 2021, an age of majority but also of transformations. Rebellious Radical is the celebration of  18 years of commitment to upcycling and awakening environmental and social awareness.  It is also the embodiment of a committed generation. A youth who aspires to a return to simple and benevolent values, wellLbeing for all and the sustainability of the planet.

The collection made of Jeans with activist messages and T-shirtswith ornamental cuts and reliefs between decoration and decomposition where DIY becomes art and Upcycling sculptural.

Second-hand jeans become activist banners where screen prints of the idols of Andrea Crews, Yayoi Kusama, Christane Taubira stand alongside the slogans Fashion RevoluDon and Utopia. T-shirts with animal prints have been torn, tapered and then braided using several vintage DIY techniques. The raw material of this collection comes from associative recycling, unsold lingerie as well as vintage pieces from the 80s.

The collectionn echoes Édouard Manet’s Luncheon on the Grass, combining nudity and clothing, lace and denim, outerwear and underwear.

All images courtesy of Andrea Crews

styling Maroussia Rebecq music by AM Soundesign make-up Donna Valette hair Damien Lacoussade photography Samuel Lehuédé video Chantapitch Wiwatchaikamol special thanks to Parc de la Villette

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