Rhude Spring Summer 2022 at Paris Men’s Fashion Week

For the Spring Summer 2022 collection, R H U D E founder Rhuigi Villasenor looks to Monaco as a symbol of escape. Following 16 months of global uncertainty, the Spring Summer 2022 collection reflects Villasenor’s dream about what returning to a post pandemic reality could look like.

The collection is based on an informal formality.  New shapes are created from classic suiting silhouettes meant to be worn as we re-enter days and evenings out, specifically during the summer season in the paradise that is Monaco. The collection picks up where Villasenor found himself and the brand during the last season – in a new place of modern luxury.

Rhuigi Villasenor spent time reflecting on what the youth will be wearing as they come out of months spent at home. What does a black tie event look like? How does a game of tennis look, or an afternoon spent by the sea? Will the traditional rules of dress still apply? From formal to informal necessities, the collection embraces an optimistic spirit for our new world, offering a new perspective for experimentation and joy in getting ready.

Villasenor takes inspiration from several decades, a huge fan of the 60’s Rat Pack, the roaring Twenties, and the ever classic Slim Aaron’s. Rhuigi intends the Spring Summer 2022 collection to encapsulate these genres with the Rhude twist, with hints of luxury and joie de vivre woven throughout. Oversized silhouettes are seen largely in the form of throw-on jackets in new fabrications with a touch of classic tailoring. Silk and cashmere are core fabrications, while knitwear & clean lines enhance the overall aesthetic. Each element evokes longing for the perfect Monaco vacation.

Brand Overview:

R H U D E, founded by Rhuigi Villaseñor in 2015, is a design venture born out of Los Angeles, balancing luxury techniques with streetwear elements, showcased as ready-to-wear collections.  Designed from a narrative standpoint R H U D E is both a reflection of modern socioeconomics and personal stories as Villaseñor came to Los Angeles from the Philippines at the age of 11 with no concept of brand culture.  Now a reoccurring theme season-to-season, RHUDE combines American iconography with nostalgic references, a visual commentary on Los Angeles style and culture itself. With no formal training specific to fashion design, Villaseñor credits his understanding of garments and construction to growing up with a mother who was a tailor, providing a foundation and understanding of how to build each piece and the subsequent stories told with each collection. RHUDE’s journey parallels Villaseñor, chronicling the evolution of a man from adolescence to maturity, a narrative reflected in each collection, both the Creative Director and brand continue to grow-up with its ever-expanding fan base.


RHUDE: Instagram: @rhude   Twitter: @RHUDEDESIGNS

All images courtesy of Rhude

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