Wooyoungmi Spring Summer 2022 at Paris Men’s Fashion Week

“La Bella Epoque Is Now” Madame Woo’s defiant impression is a global overture – A call for light in the evolving aftermath of dark times. The narrative for Spring Summer 22 begins with the man in the red coat, Julian Barnes’s recent historical book set during The Belle Epoque Period in Paris. We discover a contemporary, dandy-esque protagonist, richly attired as he awaits the train to London for a shopping trip. By the end, he has arrived at mountain summit, dressed in loose layers of well-worn hiking gear. in between, he makes a journey motivated by the universal, instinctive desire to escape and explore, This path is interspersed with stimulating encounters: Polish Physicist Marie Curie (and the Art Nouveau Style of her Noble Price Certificate), celerated for discovering radium and radiography; American painter John Singer Sargent; and the French physician he paints, Samuel Jean Pozzi (revealed as Barnes’s man of interest). This evocastation storyline plays out as film set against the backdrop of an Art Nouveau train station in surreal XR (cross reality). As this action builds up to a blacked-out finale whereby garments assume a radioactive glow.

The collection, informed by contemporary decadence and wishful escape, finds balance in its layers. as Wooyoungmi Continues its pursuit of a genderless, shared wardrobe, this becomes a representation of freedom-as-muse in both theory and practice. A contemporary, urban outlook is bolstered by technical materials that appear as dress fabrics across 43 looks. The brand’s signature palette of neutrals is actived by radium green, custard yellows, powdery blues and, of course, the red of Sargent’s portrait. Evolving from the brands base of natural fibres, technical and performance fabric are emphasised with nylon, in addition to airy, voluminous poly blends and chunky yarn knits.

Through Madame Woo’s Steady and meticulous hand, sartorial elements are decontructed: hooded gun flap bolero capes are layered over matching cummerbunds and thousers; lightweight, open weave crochet bibs are worn over netted shirting and under ample, blouson-sleeved coats. A Belle Epoque aesthetic is conjured through crinkled nylon windbreaker jackets with sculptural bishop sleeves and piped seams; a papery nylon trench; anf airy technical khaki trousers that have the finesse of wovenfabric. Ribben cuffs, when stretched, reveal phosphorescent inserts – A glow-in-the-dark treatment – that features on t-shirt placements, including a tulip motif ( a symbol of the era) that fades from pink to yellow in natural light. All of this underpinned by the collection’s unofficial motto “Chacun merite sa propre Belle Epoque), which is to say”. Everyone deserves their own beautiful time.

All images courtesy of Wooyoungmi

Film Director Poiuytre Studio, Stylist Andrej Skok @Art Board, Production Service Valentine Ventura @KCD, Casting Piergiorgio Del Moro @DM Casting, Music Poiuytre Studio, Make up Karin Westerlund @artlist Paris, Hair Oliver Schwalder @bryant Artists.

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