Among The Prime ATP Spring Summer 2022

Brand/Designer Bio

Oliver Prime geeks on Cars and Architecture. From Milwaukee WI, Oliver trained as an architect before changing his medium of design to clothing. He launched AMONG THE PRIME in the summer of 2020. Architecture blends design with the engineering capabilities of form and function. Cars optimize function for power and form. What Oliver appreciates about the design of architecture spills over into his passion for cars: something built to last, appreciative of design and function, that delivers on an immediate emotional response. AMONG THE PRIME makes clothing with the same motto. It primes design, function and emotion.

Garage Collection – Calatrava 993

Oliver Prime grew up with a particular affection for one building in his hometown, The Milwaukee Art Museum by Santiago Calatrava; a masterpiece in engineering, form and function. His love of Porsche knows no bounds, with a recent crush on the Porsche 993 – often referred to as the best and most desirable of the 911 series, not only for its beauty, but also for its great performance. Calatrava’s sculptural works advance engineering solutions with dramatic visual statements. The 993 is quoted as the last complete “modern classic”; elegance and muscle all in one package.

Both prevail in AMONG THE PRIME’s Spring/Summer 2022 Collection. The classic Porsche is effectively printed and referenced throughout the collection with a color palette of earthy green, brown and gold; signature pantone Porsche colors. The elegant structures by Architect Santiago Calatrava materialize into grid pattern covered garments.

Oliver Prime makes an emotional statement of “modern classism” in streetwear for his first seasonal collection for AMONG THE PRIME. It is loaded in creative and personal references, shot with a nod to the anime films the designer is fond of.

All images courtesy of Among The Prime

PR agency REPNYC

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