NAPE_ Spring Summer 2022 at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo


In fact, things may be over-thinking. However, the question of accepting the happiness and desires that are there may be refracted.

However, we believe that the right given to us is to question, think, and pursue the truth. In doing so, I reconsidered whether to let go of social media, which consumes a lot of time and money in the daily lives of the majority of people these days.

Social media that makes it easier for individuals to “connect” with the world by making their dreams come true with the ability to spread beyond imagination for those who act with ambition. On the other hand, social media has the aspect of encouraging us to consume more than necessary by using a clever algorithm as if it were random, denying gradation and accelerating the bipolarization of short-circuit thinking. Things always have yin and yang, and social media is no exception.

Therefore, I think it is important to think calmly to judge each one from a bird’s-eye view, and to have a variety of choices and to have a positive enjoyment while respecting others. The ethics to nurture such a concept is important, and I wanted to express a part of it through the positive power of clothes, so I made a collection.


For example, a multiple mod coat with a “city dust” pattern printed on a functional material with a water-permeable, water-repellent, three-layer structure with a water pressure resistance of 20.000 mm that can withstand sudden bad weather. A sports setup that allows you to jog as it is after playing in the city by arranging sports mesh material on the sleeves, back, back of thighs, etc. where you are concerned about sweat. A relaxing suit that relieves the stress of wearing to the utmost by using high power stretch on denim that you can enjoy the taste and aging as you use it. A classical Cuban shirt in jade color that has the functionality of polyester to prevent wrinkles and has a genderless atmosphere by combining the jade color with a glossy material.

We have a lineup of items that have functions that would make you happy in your daily life, and that are also conscious of the use of different materials and color schemes for visual enjoyment. In the process of pattern making, we aim to make sustainable clothes by sublimating the carefully calculated switching into the design so that there is no fabric to throw away as much as possible, and increasing the yield of fabric. In addition, extra-thick ropes are used in various places as design icons, expressing the importance of real people’s connections and bonds.

For the graphics, we continue to use contemporary artist JUN SUKE YOKOYAMA and illustrator AYUKO NAKAMURA, who have been well received every season. “FEAR OR FREEDOM” = When an angel and a devil look the same when they are born, there is a fear that they will change due to the environment and education during the growth process, but the right to choose by themselves. “THE LOADING” = Our psychology is the goal of having a thoughtful dialogue in order to respect the other person, not even knowing oneself, let alone others.

“SOCIAL DILEMMA” = A pistol metaphor for the darkness of social media, which is ostensibly supportive but exploited by clever algorithms. “LAST SUPPER” = Bold sampling of the Last Supper. Ironically, only Christ, who has a bird’s-eye view and loves his neighbor, uses social media as an influencer. “CITY TRUSH” = The paradox of putting banknotes in colorful trash, questioning the true value of money, and wrapping trash expresses diversity.

All images courtesy of NAPE_

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