Seveskig Spring Summer 2022 at Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo

Collaboration Nipoaloha, Cotoh Tsumi, Kawasaki Motocycle, Eiki Sugaya

There are countless news & information being updated daily on information programs, Internet and SNS.Fake news also flows as if they were true.People believe in the fake news gets their mind controlled hurting their feelings and some even result in death .Our concept of this season is what we believe how heartless fake news can change into fun and happy fake newsthrough our proud designed fashion.

One day in 2035, Mr. Seki, a space debris custodian was suddenly taken away by the solar wind during EVA.The safety tether that connects his waist was cut and he got thrown to outer space.Mr. Seki, who was swept up to the planet ROSS128b, continued tosend out FAKE NEWS that attracted attention so that everyone could find him.The movie is mostly in the vision inside of Mr. Seki’s head, delusion about news articles while typing in casual manner.

Stylist :Momose Go ; Photographer:Sasaki Daisuke(SIGNO) ; Hair:Mukai Daisuke ; Make:Sakanishi Toru(SIGNO) ; Movie:Mizuno Takahito ; Movie director:Nori(seveskig) ; seveskig staff:Izumikawa Ken ; seveskig staff:Haku(crux)

All images courtesy of Seveskig

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