INF Spring Summer 2022 at New York Fashion Week

Taiwanese independent designer brand INF joins hands with

domestic animation “Grand Mother & Her Ghost” shooting fashion film.

Golden Horse Best actor Li Kangsheng and

best supporting role actor Nadow Lin perform together.

 Combining Taiwan’s local myth and fashion,

INF : 「Culture as the foundation, fashion as the carrier”」

On 22SS New York Spring/Summer Fashion Week, there’s a brand appeared a fashion film with a strong traditional Taiwanese flavor and the theme of Taiwan’s traditional folklore and cultural elements. The film was produces by the brand INF founded by independent designer Kuo Wei, who was born in Taichung and graduated from the Fashion Design Institute of Shih-Chien University from Taiwan. This is the second time Kuo Wei has been selected for the official New York Fashion Week. After entering the schedule list by following a fashion micro-film with the theme of Gay Love and Taiwan General Store in February this year, and performed by Golden Horse best actress Chen Shufang at New York Fashion Week, this season Kuo Wei also challenged the scale again byshooting another fashion film by thrilled and suspenseelement, combines fashion and grotesque.

The theme of INF 22SS is [Translate. Guān luò yīn]. Guān luò yīnis Taiwanese traditional necromancy. The participating film is a preview of the feature film (three-minute version). The full feature film will be premiered at the INF brand 22SSrunway at historical house Lin An Tai. The scene of the story in the play switches between the Yin and Yang worlds. In the play, the actor Li Kangsheng lost his son and took the car as his home. He constantly seeks the help of his shaman (played by Nadow Lin) and looks for meeting his beloved son by Guān luò yīn. Sadly, but still can’t let go of the hatred to the man who killed his son (played by Erek Lin). The story revolves around the interaction and resentment between the three.

INF 22SS [Translate. Guān luò yīn] Inspired by the concept of translation and conversion, “translate 2D into 3D, humans into souls, hates into loves”; through translation and conversion, let We have learned to look at things from different angles. The essence of an event is not so absolute. In the process of translation and conversion, we have also obtained some unexpected gains. It is different from the little luck in life, but a more macroscopic and open-minded perspective. The details are sampled from elements such as early local folklore and monsters in Taiwan, and crossover with the most famous domestic animation directed by Wang Xiaoli-“Grand Mother & Her Ghost”, which will be re-entered into theaters in December this yearin Taiwan, using the cool characters in the play. Kuro (the cat), Xiaobian (the snake), Apple (the soul of a little girl holding a doll) as materials, and using the film editing skill “Montage”, which combines the handwriting strokes to create a full-pattern and colorful clothing print.

In addition to showing Taiwan’s local beliefs and culture throughfashion garment, designer Kuo Wei also pays tribute to the favorite American installation artist Alexa Meade. She is good at 2D to 3D transparent skill “Trompe L’oeil” , Using real people or three-dimensional installations as canvases, and then painting these three-dimensional people and things into the artistic style of flat oil paintings; this season INF brand plays with the visual illusion between 2D and 3D: Kuo Wei constantly observes how the light and shadow changes on fashion garments, and the “2D coloring technique” is used to redraw the character-like light and shade and details in the “Grand Mother & Her Ghost”,play with different shades of flat color blocks, and apply them to the clothing prints. After the whole outfit is put on, it looks like The characters that come out of the animation, seemingly flat (2D) and three-dimensional (3D), echoing the brand’s theme of this season Translate, translating and playing the 2.5D fun hidden between 2D & 3D, creating the collection full of personality and cute urban style. The INF brand continues to “take culture as the foundation and fashion as the carrier”, and reinterprets the diverse cultures and stories of ancient and modern Taiwan through a series of clothing production.

The clothing version inherits the deconstruction style that INF is good at. The orthodox pattern is continuously dismantled and reshaped, and a series of collection that can be defined as”one dress, multi-wear” is outlined. This season, the representative costumes of men and women are also deformed and combined with each other. Such as the combination of miniskirts and shirts, garters and suits, etc., by combining the characteristics of both sexes, presents a feminine sense of male and a masculinity sense of female style, shaping the brand’s neutral philosophy. With a strong dark style, the INF brand continuously redefines dark clothing through the release of each season, emphasizes sustainable design, is good at playing with the structure of clothing, and uses architectural thinking to create a refined version of clothing.

INF 22SS [Translate. Guān luò yīn] Just finished broadcasting on the official website of New York Fashion Week, and then the entire fashion movie will also be premiered on October 3 this year in INF 22SS Runway in Taiwan. The show will be held as a retro form of early “open-air cinema”. Friends who like Li Kangsheng, Nadow and Erek Lin, and fans of the INF brand are welcome to enjoy the premiere and the complete exposure of the collection of INF 22SS

All images courtesy of INF

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