Mercy X Mankind MXM Spring Summer 2022 at New York Fashion Week



“With hindsight, we’d all do things differently”. But would we?

Humans often think that with 20/20 hindsight, we would make different decisions. We pretend that we can avoid a conflict had we known the exact way it would play out. We imagine we can avert an unnecessary loss had we understood the characteristics of a virus. While Mankind advances through time, we often forget to look to the past for answers, thus forging a path strewn with mishaps.

With his Spring/Summer 2022 Collection, Isaac Saqib seeks out what the future of the world and Mercy X Mankind could like with more consideration for the past. He blends his signature principles from the past (dropped shoulders, artwork from the masters, utilitarian details) with futuristic playful innovation (inverted prints, pockets turned cross-body bags, 3D hand-filled down appliqués) and presents his most soul-searching collection to date.

“Retrosésso” is a Spanish term often defined as “Hindsight”, the recognizing of dangers, but also the possibilities of a situation after it occurs. Isaac chooses to focus on the later and drops a collection building on Mercy X Mankind’s signature principles while he explores what the future of his brand could look like; and its future looks well poised.

Mercy X Mankind is a collection by self-taught American-Pakistani Designer Isaac Saqib founded in 2014. Isaac grew up New York City and his collections are a reflection of the exceptional multi-culturalism NYC offers; a place to converse on the unity of Mankind through beliefs, struggle, love and empathy. Isaac embodies New York and MXM is built upon its principles: Exhilarating, diverse, expressive, humbling, evolving, challenging and unforgettable. With the help of an intimate team of individuals that complement him — dynamic, inclusive, inventive, artistic and yearning for freedom – Saqib’s MXM’s collections explore human emotions and assert the power of understanding others through Mercy. All MXM garments and accessories are made in Brooklyn, with the exception of leather goods which Saqib insists be artisanally sourced in his mother country of Pakistan.

All images courtesy of MXM

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