Junny Presentation Spring Summer 2022 at New York Fashion Week

The collection is named ‘Mama,’ as an homage to the designer’s mother, Alex Melceta Johnson. “My mother will always be my hero,” Junny said. “She was a single mom, and raised 6 children by herself with a little help from her community. As I pondered this Collection — coming out of a global pandemic — most of us are forever changed. We must go on, but differently.”

And differently it is. Reminiscent of her mother’s love for nightgowns and slips, the collection features an array of silk dresses and gowns (with a hint of lace) — for a little bit of naughty, with an extra splash of nice, for the ultimate in fashionable wear. Multi-colored caftans, as the Caribbean designer’s signature touch, were expertly styled to drape delicately over the silk pieces — for those daring to wear what was once only intended for the indoors…outside. “Women back then never went outside without a covering over their nightgown,” the designer mused. The JUNNY® SS22 collection now enters to liberate this woman, daring her to be bold, and to change the game.

The collection also features light, durable caftans with exaggerated, billowy sleeves (as a nod to her Caribbean heritage), decadent capes (for the superwoman in all of us), African prints (as another nod to her heritage), gingham sleeves, rompers and multi-dimensional aprons (as an honor to her British Colonial and East Indian Heritage). With a subtle nod to the Harlem Renaissance, the Jamaican designer credits inspiration of this era as a time marked by culture and invention. “Women never got their shine back then,” Junny added. “Beautiful, intelligent, true Renaissance women. Their joy, their pain, their struggle — I wanted to capture it all.”

The designer received a wealth of guests in the showroom for her NYFW SS22 debut appearance including veteran New York stylist and creative director Freddie Lieba, acclaimed illustrator Rebecca Moses (who also designed the JUNNY® NYFW invitation, as well as illustrations for other fashion notables), fashion designer Kimberly Goldson (Project Runway Season 9), and many others. 

JUNNY® is a former ESPN Sales Executive, who discovered her passion for designing after getting downsized. JUNNY’s Collection is bold, creatively exuberant and inclusive, drawing on the vibrancy of her Harlem and Jamaica cultural roots, collaboration with local artists of all stripes is fed into a collection that is wearable art.

Her pieces are cross-culturally glamorous, vibrantly colored, visually and culturally reflective. A perfect reference to the vast, powerful river of AfricanAmerican history, multiculturalism and Junny’s own Jamaican roots that pulses and empowers the dynamic, current Harlem community. Her designs are a feast for the eyes, a symphonic explosion of colors, fabrics, and shapes. trans- seasonal, fresh and glamorous.

‘My mother was a seamstress. I have five siblings, she was a single mother, she created all of our clothing. She made her patterns from the newspaper. From an early age, I created my own pieces. People always stopped me to ask who made my clothing’

JUNNY® shines a spotlight not only on black designers, but makers, women entrepreneurs who have pivoted from corporate careers in their mid 40’s and beyond to take a leap of faith, follow their passion, start something new. I intend to use my platform and clothing line to showcase the sights, sounds, people and color of my neighborhood. I am also telling the story of African textiles.

‘I want to be a vital part of the movement helping to bring Black Design and Culture into the mainstream. The fabric sellers, sewers and artisans often live in the shadows. My mission is to be a voice for the culture- to shine a spotlight on those driving things forward. My clothing line is a tribute to the artists, activists, designers and key voices’

All images courtesy of Junny

HIGH-RESOLUTION IMAGES, Please Credit: Robert “Max” Twitty for Showroom Images

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