Avellano Spring Summer 2022 II at Paris Fashion Week

For spring-summer 2022, AVELLANO presents his brand new collection on the theme of science fiction. Exploring Post Apocalyptic genre and cyber punk influences from The Matrix to Terminator as well as A Clockwork Orange and Blade Runner with a range of colours reminiscent of the ultra-violence of these worlds. After having collaborated on several music videos, director Jean-Charles Charavin and Incendie Films meet again with Arthur Avellano for this fashion film “Avellano 22”. The music is composed by the new duo Gurth, which unites the multi-instrumentalist composer Baal, and Diane Sagnier a multidisciplinary artist, musician, director and photographer who has been signing the brand’s lookbooks for the last 3 seasons. Passionate about creation, they both met through Arthur. For this new collection, the brand is consolidating its expertise in latex with itʼs unique dyeing techniques and artisanal work, such as a new tie and dye process handmade in the Avellano workshop. This collection is also the occasion for AVELLANO to unveil his first accessories, sneakers, boots & bags made with a new material: cactus leather, vegan and eco-responsible, an essential subject for the brand. All images courtesy of Avellano PR Agency Station Service

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