Octogony Spring Summer 2022 at Paris Fashion Week

Charbel Abou Zeidan, Octogony’s multifaceted artistic director, brings to the brand 15 years of experience in couture and ready-to-wear, spent between Beirut and Paris. An architect by training, Charbel sees the world through dual lenses of art and architecture. His passion for Brutalism and 1960s minimalism ensured that it was love at first sight when he met the building with the imposing octagonal windows serving as Octogony’s headquarters.

A polymath with inexhaustible curiosity and drive, Charbel’s interests range from painting, sculpture and architecture to photography and fashion. His fascination with existentialism prompted his belief in pure forms or shapes.

For Octogony’s bold and timeless style, he drew upon the purity of form found in the art of Kasimir Malevich, Ellsworth Kelly and Tadao Ando, as well as the bold, strong yet graceful lines of Brutalist architecture.

Octogony’s design transcends fashion; it attempts the sublime. Like the world’s greatest buildings, Charbel’s designs are a visualization of the DNA of an era—a witness to a time, infusing his pieces with a character of timelessness. And much like the best architecture, he conceives his creations to be iconic and enduring.

For Octogony, Charbel takes the octangle and uses its distinctive form, either whole and intact or dissected into fragments, to define each piece. In future collections, the octangle will continue to be the foundation, the springboard for an exploration of alternate textures, shapes and volumes.

Charbel leaves the final step of creation to his bags’ owners. He designed Octogony’s pieces to be paired—one bag clipping to another. Due to his creative curation, there can be no faux pas: each bag interacts perfectly with the others. Each match defines the owner’s style and expresses their identity.

Charbel credits his childhood in Lebanon with giving him his external-facing curiosity and international viewpoint, qualities embodied in Octogony.

All images Courtesy of Octogony

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