Ungaro Womenswear Spring Summer 2022 at Paris Fashion Week

While doing research for the Spring-Summer collection, Designer Kobi Halperin explored the history of Ungaro and what immediately caught his eye was the iconic butterfly top. With its retro glamour and Saint-Tropez spirit, it created an indelible fashion moment through its pure celebration of femininity. That moment’s sensibilities, embraced by the modern and sophisticated woman, served as his inspiration.

Butterflies have always been revered as exquisite creatures of delicate beauty. Few of nature’s creations can match their wondrous combinations of color, form, and function. Energized by a recent trip to the French Riviera, where glamour and style mix with an illustrious history, He was taken by the visual splendor of this magnificent region where women dress effortlessly chic by day and elegant at night.

Breathtaking views of the scintillating Mediterranean Sea, cobblestone streets and lush mountains sparked the inspiration for textures, prints, and embroideries that capture the essence of this luxurious enclave. He infused bright colors and bold patterns inspired by Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, where you can get lost in the tranquility of a beautiful oasis and wander through extravagant tropical gardens.

While butterflies represent natural forms of perfected beauty, they also exist metaphorically as expressions of freedom and flight. Indeed, that beauty arrives through a literal metamorphosis, a transformation from one form to another. From the chrysalis a timeless beauty takes flight and the Ungaro woman once again soars with grace and elegance.

All images courtesy of Ungaro

Photographer @ralphwenig

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