Dries Van Noten Women’swear Spring Summer 2022 at Paris Fashion Week



A festival of love. Joy shared. An explosion of bold colour and emotion. The Holi festival in India … awash in vivid pigments – symbolic of a new beginning and colourful abandon. Open arms to our return to joy. One heart beats of many parts. A wide spectrum from the loud and audacious to the whispering and intimate.

When vivid and pulsating passion explodes. Euphoric and trippy, pulling focus on a dilated view on life. The familiar becomes mysterious and exotic as images blur. The collective energy and joy of a rowdy audience, fireworks, pop & rock concerts, burning man.

A continuation in our homage to the power of the fashion editorial with a fashion shoot by Rafael Pavarotti and film by Albert Moya.

Bring the passion and joy! Let the party begin!


A new lithe and sculptural silhouette for this season. Fitted shapes emphasise the body — more sculptural. Loose DVN structured staples in daring colours. Many references to couture – a fitted skirt, in hand made smocking, opens in a wide volant. Layering muslin of many tones – a nod to the nineties. Exaggerated balloon sleeves and dresses. Much smocking, ruching and plisse. Diaphanous shapes, feather light and floating. Halter dresses, caftans, and a nod to the intimacy of lingerie.


Powerful, strong, pigmented, saturated. Technical and elaborate bring depth and dimension to colours. Traditional rules of association are abandoned and ignored. chartreuse, all hues of yellow from imperial to florescent, orange, blues from electric, neon to royal and baby, purple, mint, turquoise, chocolate taupe, fuchsia, cloque with stripes in black.


All variations possible, from the masculine, weighty and dry to the light and fluffy. Textures brings support and definition to colour choices. The art of hand stitched smocking is pushed to its limits creating sculptural shapes and shaping a new silhouette. A wide panoply of textiles builds the story this season, the techniques of producing jacquards are challenged further and seem even embossed, wool gabardine, cotton taffeta, photo-printed silks, silk mousseline and pongee evoke the first Dries an Noten collection and that of 1996-97, textured polyesters, Retro swimsuit ruching, Classic cotton poplin, voiles and drills, the transparency and structure of transparent polyesters in green and reds. Velvet for garments and accessories.


Big colourful stains replicate being doused with pigment at the Holi festival in India. The experience of blurred photography of night scenes of Antwerp & beyond — from the “Chiquita building “to the Central Station are shared with the last men’s collection. Blurring photographs of the familiar brings imagery to a trippy, more abstract, and universal dimension: explosive fireworks, blurred flower prints as a conduit for joy. An axial photograph of a massive crowd printed in repeat replicates tweed, A small club, hard rock band. the audience caught in a red spotlight. Friend’s sit around a dinner table, trompe l’ceil embroidery and multi multi colour beading, magnified pixelated images of flowers become abstracted motifs. Images of hand knot nets become diamond motifs.


Pearls and beads are fixed to form patterns and motifs, bring dimension to fabric prints and embellish accessories. When applied to sheer fabrics, arms seem covered in pearls and other- worldly. Shoes range from a traditional man’s style, sporty puffy sandals to super high platform wedges in vibrant and classic colours from playful pastels to blacks and navy.



Rafael attributes the rich and vibrant colour palette of his photographs to the everyday sights of his upbringing. His work is often characterized by its fusion of vivid tones with bold compositional arrangements, revealing fashion as sculptural adornment. His clients include Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, British Vogue, Vogue Hommes, i-D, System Magazine, The Perfect Magazine and Dior.

IG @rafaelpavarotti_


Albert’s love of art, design, and architecture is inherent across his body of work. Inspired by experimental cinema and iconoclastic filmmakers. Albert sets out to create films that are evocative and unrestrained by contemporary cinema. His debut short film, “American Autumn,” led to collaborations with Dries Van Noten, which quickly established Albert as a serious creative force. Since then, Albert has continued to make ground-breaking work for brands like Bulgari, Mulberry, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Rimowa. Albert’s work spans across music, documentary, fashion and experimental film.

IG @albert moya


Styling: Dries Van Noten, Nancy Rohde Casting: Piergiorgio Del Moro Models: Adit Priscilla, Amane Taniguchi, Assa Baradji, Bella Kim, Chai Maximus, Eny Jaki, Evelyn Nagy, Fariya Simon, Fien Maes, Hannah Motler, Hanne Gaby Odile, Iekeliene Stange, Joanna, Kayako Higuchi, Lily McMenamy, Loli Bahia, Lynn Palm, Malick Bodian, Mary Duleu, Mila Van Eeten, Mohamadou Diakhite, Mountaga Diop, Moustapha Sy, Nicole Atieno, Nyarach Ayuel, Nyaueth Riam, Rouguy Faye, Sara Blomqvist, Sofia Steinberg, Sokhna Niane, Tessa Bruinsma, Topsy, Yilan Hua, Zso Varju

Hair: Sam McKnight Make-Up: Lucy Bridge Nail artist: Sylvie Mac Millan Music: Grace Jones Location: Photographed in Lint (Belgium)


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