AGL Spring Summer 2022 at Milan Fashion Week

AGL Spring Summer 2022 Collection is an ode to lightness, delicacy and light. A pampering of all 5 senses, or rather, all 6 senses! The FEMININE SIXTH SENSE is the inspiration and the creative drive that moves the Giusti sisters’. It is a spontaneous intuition that easily transform every AGL creation into aesthetic innovations. Innate strength and consciousness are the expressions of every woman extraordinary life.

‘’While designing our Collection we always follow our feminine instinct. Our actions and creations are driven by our emotions and needs. The know-how that comes from the heritage of AGL together with the unique craftmanship and the values of Made in Italy complement our intuitions and turn them into real objects with the invaluable contribution of the female workforce of AGL.

Our creations leave our hands and reach our loyal community. This is how the Giusti sisters live the creative process that firstly is an inspiration and then becomes something real. Dedicated from 3 women to all the women in the world. The Giusti sisters created a new short film: FACTORY GIRLS, to celebrate women’s work and talents operating behind the scenes. The film is a tribute to feminine creativity, manual work ability and an homage to the uplifting power of the female bond.

In collaboration with NOWNESS, AGL opens a window on the magic world of their factory where the most traditional elements of the traditional Italian savoire faire are in place to bring to life the new collection made of very contemporary and edgy styles: stiletto ankle boots with an extraordinary fit, ultra feminine clogs, padded loafers embellished with crystals, metallic leather gladiator sandals, chunky loafers and delicate tulle platform sandals, which are the new icons of AGL.

FACTORY GIRLS is a short film that the three Giusti sisters dedicate to all the women who work behind the scenes to make Italian fashion so wonderful.

All images courtesy of AGL

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