Arthur Arbesser Spring Summer 2022 at Milan Fashion Week

Lost and Found, a collection of memories

Reminiscing about a care-free time filled with imagination and fantasy lies at the core of our Spring Summer 2022 collection, which is a journey back to childhood, freedom, insecurity and endless possibilities – themes that we’ve all looked back at during the pandemic.

It’s like opening an old trunk in your parents’ attic and diving into forgotten chapters: pressed flowers between the pages of a book, a stack of sketches, postcards, teenage love letters, grandfather’s costume hat, along with his chess set and other old treasures. We transferred sketchbooks, dried flowers and forgotten toys into vibrant prints and shapes that give a feeling of rediscovering a lost naivety.

Long romantic silhouettes and cropped feminine tops contrast with boxy unisex shirts and short, youthful pieces. Sof silk crêpe, diferent weights of cotton – from heavy drill to papery Japanese popeline, technical shiny nylon, recycled polyester and up-cycled fabrics from our own stock build up the materials of this season.

Lost and found in the purest sense of the words also happened in the way we worked together as a team, channeling each other’s individual and artisanal skills with humorous and wonderfully satisfying side-projects: the sheer joy of doing things with your hands, the child-like fun of simply creating without a real objective!

Larger-than-life-canvases became a huge fairytale work of art, to explain the creative universe behind the collection: handkerchiefs turned into small delicate watercolor paintings, bundles of rafa were crocheted into accessories and old cardboard boxes transformed into rich bouquets of hand-colored paper flowers. All these elements create an atmospheric habitat which frames the collection in a multi-artistic way, adding new layers of context and diferent strings of storytelling.

All images courtesy of Arthur Arbesser


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