Two Malaysian designers, Moto Go and Kinder Eng present Motoguo Fall Winter 2021 at Paris Fashion

The brand motoguo was founded 5 years ago, by two Malaysian designers, Moto Go and Kinder Eng.

The brand puts forward its own vision of fashion, a bright and quirky aesthetic in harmony with an eco-responsible ethic that is dear to the heart of the two young designers.

The Art of lighting

From muted laughter to creaking stairwells, something spooky lurk between the wall in this familiar house. The dark introverted figure at the corner of our eyes somehow always manages to disappear as we turn our heads to greet them. it’s as if they’s eager to make their presence khown but to timid to say hello.

Fret not! with the masteful skills of out lighting directors, we’ve managed to invite these shy shadow out, make their playful dance in the back.

All images courtesy of Motoguo

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