Çanaku Fall Winter 2022 – 2023 at Milano Men’s Fashion Week

In the new collection by Jurgen Canaku, the father figure returns as inspiration and guide both in the creative process and in private life. A father who left Jurgen his vision of a better world, but also the guide of the family he created. A legacy from father to son that carries with it an inevitable emotional load, of unresolved wounds and pain linked to the untimely death.

Hence the theme A LOST ROMANTIÇ as L.O.S.T. the letters of a new Rose of the Winds still linked to the sea, which builds the mythical figure of a new man, lost in love for things, for life and for mankind: the new ÇANAKU man is a strange one, but inside he is bursting with love.

The collection defines the canons of a sartorial revolution, in which the salient points of the brand are enhanced starting from the details, especially those that we cannot see. Many times we stop at appearances but it is important to get to the bottom of things, people, their emotions. The focus is on rips, cuts, cuffs and collars of ripped shirts, cut and stitched ties, linings and belts of tailored trousers: everything is as if it had been wounded, but worn with ease and pride, without fear of judgment.

It always starts from a reinterpretation of tailoring in a contemporary key with a new look by Jurgen Canaku: dresses, double-breasted and single-breasted jackets with three buttons, in wool to protect from the cold that comes from the Balkans, as well as shearling and fur. The cool wool part remains fundamental, the pure elegance of Italian style, as well as the more leisure part of denim and eco-leather trousers and jackets, with crystal applications.

The look is completed by the shirt, both the classic cotton one and a more fly and alternative one. The python print leather jacket has a futuristic image in gold and silver with an idea of the Seventies, it is taken from the wardrobe of Canaku father but brought back to the contemporary. Accessories become design details more to look at than to wear, be it shoes or leather gloves with crystals.

In the palette, red as a symbol of love, blood, boxing gloves, the flag of Albania and one third of the Italian flag predominates over everything. A color that divides and that ultimately unites, as it should be. We must all be united again.

In the video moodboard of the collection, Jurgen has entrusted to the boxing gym, the ring, but not in the form of a fight but of training for life, to always be ready for what happens to you tomorrow, a training to overcome prejudices, because you are tattooed, for the color of the skin, for the sexual choices, or for your own personal choices whatever they might be. A hymn to diversity, each in its own different and unique way.

All images courtesy of CANAKU


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