Bluemarble Fall Winter 2022 – 2023 at Paris Men’s Fashion Week

In my imagination, I have dared to cross the Pacific Ocean on a vinta boat. The colorful, festive sails carry me on a bold adventure, from the archipelagos of the Philippines to the United States. My Fall-Winter 22 collection began with the dream to connect my cultures; to celebrate and share them; to translate their character and their craft. My hope is that these vibrant creations find their way into the wider world, the wondrous blue marble that is our home. –Anthony Alvarez

The imaginary escapade that sparked this collection assumes an array of eclectic, stylistic expressions. True to the BLUEMARBLE approach, everyday looks merge inspirations, materials, proportions and moods. They assert youthful flamboyance through sportswear shapes and embellished details. They are relaxed hybrids developed with artisanal techniques. They channel the vibe of New York, honour Parisian workmanship and exude Filipino warmth.

Vibrant versions of technical parkas, quarter-zip tops and skater pants are the season’s statement pieces. In padded nylon with vibrant geometric prints and incrustations, over-shirts nod to vinta boats. Marine uniforms are broken up into boxy chemises with sailor collars and roomy pants with classic broadfall fronts. Strass is applied liberally yet with lightness as a pattern of sparkling earths and as radiant botanical motifs on baggy jeans. Novelty materials – violet jaguar-spotted shearling and fluorescent orange pony among others – are sourced from deadstock.

Recurring BLUEMARBLE silhouettes are either fitted and loose, or long and fluid. The first juxtaposes volumes, such as a slim Spencer-style jacket or close-cut bomber – both featuring adjustable collars or pockets – with extra-large pants. The second is long and unstructured, as showy shirts – including tone-on-tone Western and multi-paneled poplin – are paired with trompe l’oeil trousers that appear seamlessly layered. The palette flows from serene to bold, landing on tropical shades of sea blue and lavender as well as eye-catching psychedelic brights. Prints are trippy and fantastical, whether an enlarged painterly motif or silk animated with seahorses pulling vinta boats amidst underwater treasures.

In this same spirit, accessories are wildly playful but designed with purpose. Footwear is composed as a patchwork of elements and styles: textured surf boots with nylon lining, cord stops and multi-color foam soles. New BLUEMARBLE bags in deadstock materials are modeled after dry bags with multi-carry functionality. In chromatic crochet wool, scarves and caps are knitted as a single practical piece made in France.

All images courtesy of Bluemarble

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