Egonlab Fall Winter 2022 – 2023 at Paris Men’s Fashion Week

For the winter of 2022, EGONLAB returns with a collection called “EGONIMATI”, named after a secret society responsable for establishing universal happiness (a new world order based on total freedom to be and to think). This utopian vision is embodied insome thirtysilhouettes with tellurrian power, adorned with dark tones flashed with bright colors, like flashes of light. In this community united in the face of adversity, the time has come for introspection, tinged with spirituality: the looks are interspersed with esoteric symbols, like so many reassembling signs. Dressed in imposing quilted shirts as thick as armor, haloed in XXL scarves, the models move forward with a light heart, as if protected from the outside world. The layering of shirts, tunics, bombers can be worn over flare or cargo pants, with voluminous puffed pockets. The silhouettes are wrapped in oversized puffer jackets; overcoats that skim the floor, sometimes embroidered with sequins; loose coats like very cinematic capes. A pyramid-shaped ball gown – a nod to the Illuminati – makes its appearance, majestic in its crinoline, draped over 20 meters of fabric, hovering over the podium, as if levitating. Here, we recognize a rounded coat of fluffy mohair dipped in resin reminiscent of the peaked hairstyles of tecktonik dancers of the 2000s; the cocktail dress with a rigid plastron, indented in the back in a vertiginous manner. This season, on the print side, FlorentinGlémarec and Kevin Nompeix have revisited the surrealist pyramid of Dalí in which the face of Aphrodite appears as well as scenes from the tarot deck in etchingmode – a duplicate filter print dedicated to social networks. As for the label’s logo, it transforms into an esoteric acronym resembling ouroboros, interwoven with an inverted double “E” that emerges like a tag on a protective amulet. The iconic claw rings are back in an extra-long version; necklaces, earrings and septa encrusted with Swarovski crystals punctuate the silhouettes.

This season, the collective spirit is also part of several partnership projects. With the Fall/Winter 2022 collection, EGONLAB is accelerating its dematerialization. The brand is deploying its virtual laboratory called “EGONLAB TECH” in association with the digital creation studio COSMIC SHELTER. A turning point that is illustrated by the launch of an immersive site, designed like a metaverse. This interactive space offers a unique aesthetic and sensory experience through fully animated 3D navigation. This digitization is also materializing in the form of an unprecedented collaboration with Crocs, a global  leader in casual footwear and a pioneer in self-expression. Pushing the boundaries of digital innovation, EGONLAB and Crocs have partnered on five exclusive designs set with crystals, which will be auctioned in the form of NFTs.  This unique project doubles as a social and charitable initiative where a portion of the profits from the sale will be donated to associations facilitating access to digital technology for underserved youth. True to its experimental and inclusive DNA, EGONLAB merges the real world and the virtual world. The label also invites visitors to its showroom to dress virtually using an augmented reality Totem headset. In addition, some pieces in the collection come alive when filmed. By crossing metaverse, NFT and augmented reality, EGONLAB is establishing itself as a pioneer and alternative brand, convinced that it is by going beyond the limits of the physical world that it will be able to multiply its influence.

In a more artisanal register, the label unveils a partnership with the glove maker Agnelle which extends its “Heritage” project dedicated to know-how. The models wear handcrafted lambskin gloves in the shape of quilted outer sleeves like breastplates in a couture spirit. Finally, EGONLAB unveils a third “sustainable” collaboration with the specialist in cashmere flakes, Cashmere Flakes is committed to animal protection. The brand sources cashmere fiber in Mongolia through nomadic cooperatives that respect the environment and the pace of life of the goats. A citizen project that has won over the duo. Results? XXL bombers padded with cashmere with a protective aura.


EGONLAB was created in 2019 by KévinNompeix and FlorentinGlémarec and is based in Paris. A duo both in life and at work, the two Artistic Directors are complementary, and in perpetual search for a true symbiosis of their two worlds while remaining faithful to their values. The tailor-made urban-punk DNA aims to dress all body types, genders, and ages without ever distorting them. With the desire to make their brand a true art of living, the creators surround themselves with a collective made up of visual artists, music producers, engineers on new technologies called EGONLAB FAMILY and which brings together EGONLAB, EGONLAB MUSIC as well as EGONLAB TECH.

EGONLAB won the Andam Pierre Bergé Prize in 2021 and is a 2022 Woolmark Prize finalist.

About Crocs, Inc.

Crocs, Inc. (Nasdaq: CROX) is a world leader in innovative casual footwear for women, men, and children, combining comfort and style with a value that consumers know and love. The vast majority of shoes within Crocs’ collection contains Croslite™ material, a proprietary, molded footwear technology, delivering extraordinary comfort with each step.

In 2022, Crocs declares that expressing yourself and being comfortable are not mutually exclusive. To learn more about Crocs or our global Come As You Are™ campaign, please visit or follow @Crocseurope on Instagram and Facebook

All images courtesy of Egonlab.

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