Jordanluca Fall Winter 2022 – 2023 at Milano Men’s Fashion Week

Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto established JORDANLUCA in 2018. The creative forces behind JORDANLUCA bring together an authenticity to counterculture and a commitment to craftsmanship. Merging Italian heritage with the raw intensity of London, Jordan and Luca take a holistic approach to menswear and masculinity. A visceral instinct to study the form and its possibilities.

JORDANLUCA FW22 didn’t happen in a vacuum. Rather, it’s a culmination of things much bigger than ourselves: the importance of being alive and present in the moment, a fresh perspective on human vitality and spirit, and how we can continue to persevere in the face of adversity. A hunger to grow into something greater permeates into FW22 and radiates with passion and soul-searching intensity. This collection is all about elevating our daily rituals to bring sex and seduction back into the fold. JORDANLUCA seeks to strike a balance between anger and fragility, in order to create something that speaks to both in equal measure. Rage is a catalyst for creativity.

One of the threads which ties each garment together is the magpie, or the idea of one – a curious creature, a symbol of good fortune who seeks beauty. This recurring sartorial idea shines through in this season’s languid, elongated silhouettes, particularly via sleeves and trousers; each model a rock and roll bird about to take flight.There are plenty of shining jewels, too. Physical and printed in all their golden glory onto shirts and bomber jackets. Spiked scarves run along the torso, weaving around the neck and waistline like weapons waiting to be deployed. Some are finished with silk red roses, offering striking contrast between the delicate and severe.

These are offset by relaxed silhouettes and luxurious, trippy mohair vests, while a lightweight fur coat lends softness to quilted trousers with JORDANLUCA’s signature exaggerated hems. A sharply tailored chartreuse suit jacket with extended lapels and a silver brooch, matching kilts and studded leather clogs offer a flash of colour in an otherwise subdued colour palette; darkness and light playing in tandem. Most of all, JORDANLUCA FW22 is a call to arms fraught with yearning and provocation at its animalistic heart – a collection which demands more no matter the cost, by looking inward and channelling our deepest human instincts and desires to get there.

To celebrate FW22 and in an effort to foster further community around the label, JORDANLUCA has collaborated with to release two free and collectible NFTs at the show, available via OpenSea and accessible via the below QR code or their Instagram linkinbio. Firstly, the POAP (proof of attendance protocol) will function as proof of attendance for physical and digital attendees. The POAP is available for collection using your crypto wallet or email address. The second NFT will mark the label’s entry into the metaverse JORDANLUCA, by releasing an augmented reality NFT – this will require a crypto wallet and can be claimed via OpenSea. Holders of both NFTs will become part of the JORDANLUCA community and will qualify for future giveaways and special perks from JORDANLUCA.

All images courtesy of Jordanluca


Studio Manager: Kayla Satzger @kaylasatzger

Marketing Manager: Rémi Villard

Product Manager: Daniela Corcio@ikonostas_id

Product Developer: Svetoslav Kolchagov@kolchagovdesigner

Product Developer: Syban Velardi-Laufer @sybansyban

Intern: Sophia Benjamin @ss.benn

Intern: Samuel Salisbury @s.salisbury

Intern: Rana Mohamed @ranaa_ox

Stylist: Andrew Davis @andrewdav1s1

Make-up:  Alice Dodds @alicedoddsmakeup

Hair: Jody Taylor @jodytaylorhair using @wellaprofessionals_italia

Casting: Irene Manicone @irene_manicone

Music: Joshua James @djjoshuajames

Producer:Antony Waller@ant_waller

Runway Photography: Jason Loyd-Evans @ jasonlloydevans

Runway Photography: Stefan Knauer

Photography: Antonello Trio @antonello_trio

Backstage Photography: César Segarra @cesarsegarra_

Special Thanks to:

Agency Eleven @agencyeleven

Beside Communications @besidecom_pr

Camera Nazionale dellaModaItaliana @cameramoda and Alessandra Della Morte

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