LYPH Spring Summer 2023 Presents Rolling Thunders at Paris Fashion

For Spring Summer 2023 LYPH continues to be a lifestyle for the artistic, brave and downright crazy… LYPH went back to its past and reflects what got Edmondson into the art in the first place. Poetry freedom and a medium to express yourself.

Still in some sort of locked down world that cannot 100 persen travel. world’s that feel like a crazy mess, figuring out a new way to express, live and play. Edmondson went back to teenage movies that inspired, music tours pushed that boundaries and art direction that paved a way for him to create.

The bigger aspect is to design a collection for a brave new world with a desire to be cleaner and more sustainable.

The base ideas and themes of the collection were built around Dylans 1975 tour Rolling Thunder (MEANING: To Speak The Truth). We teamed this with a longing to travel back to Japan and the US. To merge Asian traditional with Western, Komono with Cowboy and pop cultures.

Up-cycled Surplus layered with animal print and recycled polyester track suits. Penny loafers next to kids recycled beads…

An idea of chaos for that new forward thinking society.

The result is a brand embracing the now in a sophisticated manor.

To Live Young and Play Hard.


This section of the LYPH brand has been developed to create an immersive therapy session through cult fashion, technology, and music.

The idea is to create a journey for the customer to explore and enjoy time and time again.

We all need that ten minutes out of our busy day to ­nd headspace and check-in with ourselves. Plugin some headphones, relax, and take ten minutes for yourself…

For this ­rst season’s collection, the colour pallet remains simple… Black and white. Whilst the details in the garments have a sense of interaction and play, along with a functioning therapy QR code the colour idea was to be kept simple. This is less about the clothing per say, and more about the immersive journey into the consumer’s mind and how at the end a more positive and empowering mind is built.

Each season LYPH will grow its Therapy session library and bring on like-minded individuals to help create new and exciting therapy sessions for the end consumer.

All images courtesy of LYPH


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