None Of My Business – NOMB Spring Summer 2023 at Paris Fashion

NOMB who will present their SS23 collection at Palais de Tokyo for the Tranoi, the official partner of Paris Fashion Week®.

NOMB Spring Summer 2023 present The Eyes Wide Shut collection is a sequel to its predecessor in addressing the major social dilemmas our generation faces. As the name suggests, the collection was inspired by the 1999 movie of the same title which, since its release, has attracted a multitude of controversies and conspiracies.

In fact, the subjects of class, capitalism, power, and money inspired a deeper analysis into how these driving forces affect human interactions. Extreme wealth often leads to the loss of touch with reality, abuse of power, and this desperate search for constant pleasure which we all subconsciously seek. When the established norms existing in our society don’t apply, the dark and usually inaccessible parts of ourselves resurface no matter how grotesque they may be.

NOMB offers this safe space for those who don’t belong and who never got the chance to express themselves in the confines of our reality. Absurd stiffness in the garments, exaggerated silhouettes, and dramatic stances work together to create a contradiction between the conventionally attractive vs. the unattractive.

NOMB invites you into this dramatic interpretation of the fine line that exists between fantasy and reality – the untold stories of the subconscious. The result is intentionally odd to allow the viewers to objectively suggest their own interpretation on the collection.

All images courtesy of NOMB

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