Egonlab Spring Summer 2023 at Paris Men’s Fashion Week

EGONLAB this season wants to bring a tangy solution to color the minds. A vibrant psychedelic and alternative collection, in response to the gloom of the present. A visual and dreamlike trip like a journey of the senses.

“But then, says Alice, if the world has absolutely no meaning, what’s to stop us from inventing one?”

Our planet is facing unprecedented changes. Climatic, political, bacteriological… In an environment in constant questioning, we need fantasy more than ever. Lightness to cultivate as an escape from reality.

Inspired by Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland, our collection is an injunction to chemical pleasures, an invitation to abandon reality. We revisit this iconic literary work to adapt it to our uncertain present.

Alice has no more notion of time. The night merges with the day but who cares, the party is everywhere. In a subversive inconsequence, we invite everyone to wander.

The denim is our all-purpose, perforated or torn (a little like us), it is our weapon to dance in the meadows of mushrooms, sometimes wide, sometimes, adjusted to survey the city rainbow. Prints with 70s accents set the tone for a colorful and illustrated graphic universe, while the shirts are adorned with flowers.

Outfits that are conducive to shine and escape, day and night. Sequins are also part of the party, combined on the tops or married with the bubble wrap effect, they reflect the ambient light of this endless party.

Follow the blue rabbit, he knows the best shortcuts.

The notion of time is lost while the bodies are agitated and unveiled. The spirit is lighter? Good for you, the party is starting to take effect. The tailoring remains the order of the day, like a signature. We play it in a retro spirit, in ranges of gray that fit on the bodies. An assured stature in pop-colored looks from a revisited past to go to tea (or tonic) in summer suits that the queen of hearts envies us.

So, the yellow brick road opens up to us (yes, it’s another story, so what? (Alice is not jealous). We play with conventions and dive into the illusion of an open-air free party, far from reality, hearts vibrate and bodies live, glitter sticks to the sound of the bass, spirits escape into an acidulous world. A lucid and collective dream begins.

All images courtesy of Egonlab.

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