Mithridate Spring Summer 2023 at London Fashion

The Spring Summer 2023 collection, as presented at the Battersea Art Centre’s Grand Hall in London, sartorially explores traditional magic and the reality of mystery in our modern world following charged advancements in technology and science. Creative Director, Demon Zhang, animates themes of the mystical through meticulous prints with hand embroidery, illusionary shapes, bespoke craftsmanship and innovative material sourcing.

Antiquated magician props, Luna moths and the toxically revered Jimsonweed flowers local to Zhang’s hometown, each draw parallels to the deceptive techniques of magicians. Lime greens and soft lilacs contrast stark black and whites with dazzling crystal and sequin embroidery and moth dustings of rich golds, replicating the true beauty and romantic freedom of both magic and nature.

Water movement is captured through the considered manipulation of resin along with crystal teardrop accessories and concise glass beading.

Meanwhile, asymmetrical tailoring, peplum cinched waists, caped shoulders and winged forms contribute to an otherworldly atmosphere.


MITHRIDATE is the armour of those free and unruly.

MITHRIDATE is a luxury pioneer showcasing exquisite craftsmanship techniques to create timeless works that transcend traditional seasons and provide protection.

Demon Zhang, Creative Director, is an alumni of Central Saint Martins and formerly assisted both Lee Alexander McQueen and John Galliano before launching their own brand in Guangzhou. MITHRIDATE can be found in eight independent retail stores in luxury Chinese destinations.

Credit Mithridate

All images courtesy of Mithridate

Stylist : Peghah Maleknejad

Set Design : Olivia Giles

Casting: Emma Somper

Backstage Photographer: Robin Joris Dullers

Runway Photographer: Jason Lloyd Evans

Hair: Johanna Cree Brown using L’Oréal Professionnel

Makeup: Jane Richardson using NARS

Music: Kaz Warner (Chewing Gum)

PR Agency : CP Concept London

Production: The Curated

Special Thanks: Tina Jiang

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