VIVIENNE TAM Spring Spring Summer 2023 at New York Fashion Week

Vivienne Tam Spring Summer 2023, This season, Vivienne Tam is bridging the virtual world with the material realm. For her 2023 Spring/Summer collection, Tam pulls numerous avatars from the most iconic blue chip NFT collections and incorporates them into her upcoming looks; this collection surpasses genders and generations. Ubiquitous characters from the Yuga Labs umbrella (Bored Ape Yacht Club & CryptoPunks), classics like CyberKongz, and Awkward Astronauts (and more) will be sewn, embroidered, printed, and emblazoned onto and into various cuts and silhouettes, including numerous accessories, merging Tam’s rich culture and expertise with a brave new digital world.

VIP GUESTS IN ATTENDANCE: Vivienne Tam, Abigail Posner (Google Executive), Bella Harris (Model), Cameron Winklevoss (Co-founder & President of Gemini), Carol Alt (Actress, Model), Chris Lavish (Influencer), Chuck Lidell, (Martial Artist, Boxer), Emma Myles (Actress), Eric West (Singer), Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu (Model), Isaiah Shinn (Influencer) James and Miranda Derrick (Influencer), (Jenna Leigh Green (Actress), Kelly Killoren Bensimon (Author, Model), Nigel Barker (TV Personality), Orfeh (Actress, Musician), Olga Ferrara (Influencer), Rachel Bay Jones (Actress), 24k Goldn (Musician), Taylen Biggs (Model), Vik White (Dancer, Influencer), Virtual Reddi (Influencer).

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