Calcaterra Spring-Summer 2023 at Milan Fashion Week

Into the wind – the shape of the wind

It is the wind that gives shape to spring summer 2023 designed by CALCATERRA.

As if moved by a life-giving breath, the volumes escape their natural solidity to adapt to the material structure of high-density fabrics like the hemp, silk and linen mat of the outerwear or become more rarefied with ultralight chiffon and exclusive prints applied onto recycled polyester.

Thus, like the wind churns seas and sculpts mountains, the collection generates new ways of building shapes which, deprived of their original structure, literally fall on the body, underscoring its androgynous and at the same time extremely feminine sensuality.

The sautage in filigreed raffia of the jacket-trouser total look creates a striking window effect in the floral design that has geometric echoes, while maxi circular openings stretch out across skirts, jackets and dresses, where the embroidery is inlaid on the trim, emphasising its three-dimensionality with sequins that are round and the same colour as the garment.

The alternation of weights, volumes, materials and processes moves the collection towards a new aesthetic of dynamism, a natural and perpetual movement, like that created by the wind.

Even in the accessories, now an integral part of the CALCATERRA offering, the presence of a natural contrast between mechanical and spontaneous movement dominates. Macro bracelets and earrings in brass sheet, river stones and crystals, maxi bags with simple and essential lines contribute to the fluid effect of the whole.

Colour also makes an entrance, like an unexpected breeze, and is tempered on a grain de poudre with a citrine yellow that has an extraordinarily powerful luminosity. A new form of poetry, that only the wind can draw.

All images courtesy of Calcaterra

PR Agency Studio Tiss Milan

SSoundtrack // Thomas Costantin

Hair // HENRY OLIVIER @mksmilano @babylissproitalia

Make-up // GIULIO PANCIERA @mksmilano

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