Federico Cina Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 at Milan Men’s Fashion Week



Milano, January 14th, 2023

Federico’s roots and the attachment to his origins became the cornerstone of the FEDERICO CINA brand, but the story of his homeland has never been entirely told. Federico never talked about the physical place he usually came back to: his home. The collection arises from a series of reflections about his household and the importance it played in his childhood. Federico draws from the spontaneous observation of the people around him and their life experiences:

“How many times have we heard someone say I’M COMING HOME referring to the place where their family lives and where they spent their childhood?

But also, how many people who often travel, easily feel at home despite frequently changing cities?”

Although home can be a physical space, it is frequently associated with intangible feelings that are difficult to explain.

There is a symbolic memory to which Federico refers very often that triggers this reflection. A very strong sentence he said to his mother when he was a child: “Mum, I feel like I was born in the wrong place!”.

This is how Federico felt in Sarsina, and his home, the one of his grandparents where he spent most of his childhood, became the refuge where he could feel himself.

Children just need to close or cover their eyes to escape and become invisible. This is the spontaneous act that reflects a natural instinct of protection and escape, which can be symbolically translated into the construction of a shelter, like the tents that each of us built at least once as a child, placing chairs in a circle and lying down over a blanket or stacking a series of objects; this is how Federico used his imagination. He secretly stole the lace bedspread from the grandparents’ room, the pillows from the living room, the rickety chairs from the kitchen and the blankets immediately became the foundations of the refuge. A multitude of objects furnished the interior: books, old photo albums and a small lamp that warmed up the atmosphere.

Frantic, the photographic collection created by the polish photographer Joanna Piotrowska, perfectly summarizes the adults’ need to seek moments of escape. The photographer invited the protagonists of her shots to relive an experience of their childhood by asking them to set up play tents and to spend time there.

This gameplay revealed subconscious associations the protagonists made with old and forgiven objects that testified everyday life but at the same time spoke of dreams, passions and memories.

In Federico Cina Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 collection, Federico describes his personal space of escape and the objects that make up this space became the inspiration for the collection: stripes, padded fabrics, jacquard lace inspired by old blankets, carpets, curtains (typical of childhood houses) and traditional embroideries. In the same way, the color palette reflects the warmth and peace of those spaces. The contrast between rough and elegant fabrics is reminiscent of houses that change looks during the holidays.

The modular design of some garments and patchwork knitwear is inspired by the very act of composing multiple objects to give life to our personal refuge, combining different patterns, curling fabrics and opening glimpses in unusual positions showing the overlapping of textures and fabrics.

Through the creation of these small scenarios made of objects juxtaposed in a disharmonious way,  we create a metaphysical space that becomes the perfect refuge for dreamers.

All images of Federico Cina Fall Winter 2023 – 2024 by Federico Cina

Credit :

Live Performance: Federico Tansella @meynsense

Stylist @marcodrammis

Styling Assistant: @roccocoll

make-up Pro*Lab Milano @prolabmilano

key mua Carlo Concato @carloconcato

Hair: @wellaprofessionals_italia @paolovenuta

Shoes: @marsell.official

Sales: @rg_showroom

Thanks to @milanfashionweek

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